Use online dating to delete certain emails or simply ignore it.

First … delete those that are not worth the answer! These include, but
is certainly not limited to:

1. E-mails containing ( unsolicited ) images of the genitals
(yes … that's what I said!)

2. People who are looking for sex partners … only .

3rd If your profile says: No photo … No answer? Do not ignore the emails without the

4th I ignore all that I think is foolish and wasteful. Such as:
"Wat up?" "A week ago!" "How do you do?" "Have not I seen somewhere
?" (Yes … the same line is used offline and !

Secondly … they do not care but feel obliged to react:

1. Religious beliefs with which they are completely opposed.

2nd Status of connection & # 39; to avoid it! (Recently divorced … legally
separated for 10 years … divorced but still living together … open
marriages … etc.)

3. Many children … many different maternal / father.)

4. The liars … are very obvious liars! (It does not matter which part of your relationship lies in the surface … Does it say the profile or later slide … Do not walk! Run … and NO Do not explain to them!) Those who claim to have doctors and lawyers are so much a grammatical challenge … they can not write 1 complete sentence, without all the other words being badly written! Who claims to be 38 years old yet proud of their eldest son … to the surgeon

who claims to be retired. When they are actually unemployed and waiting for a settlement … it was filed 12 years ago !

Those who are all involved with a photo … but they say that her sister

I have sent the following general remark to this pile:

"Thank you for your interest, I believe that someone would better suit you than me.

Believe it or not, some feel compelled to contact you again The answer is … "Why?" Egypt "I did not care I was just friendly"

Sometimes … "Good luck? You are the one who needs it B ****! And … "How do you know I'm not right? You do not even know me!"

As far as I'm concerned, I'm not obliged to respond further, it's only a waste of time with some people, even though they've sent them "thank you "but I do not thank you" notes, continue to reverse, just let go

As I explained, there are e-mails that need to be ignored, the main reason? Some people
while wasting time with them , "One" is slipping

I'm sure you do not want this to happen!

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