Have you checked your incoming mailbox twice a day, hoping you get the hot girl's response you sent by email? What about more than every 2 hours? What about every 15 minutes? Do not worry, most of us have been with us … and never came out why. We have a good online dating site and a flattering photo, but still … no answer.

Why does not the hot girl say it again?

Let's start by looking at the average email that a guy sends to a girl on an online dating site. Now I do not accuse you of writing one of these, but only if you have * got a quick overview. It's like:

"Hi, I've seen your profile and you are very cute, you like your hat, you're beautiful, and if you like what you see, write to me." [19659002] This email can be split into three sections. Bad. Badder. Baddererest

The last thing a girl who gets 50 e-mails a day wants to read is another ordinary man talking about another average thing. Also disable "cute" word from your vocabulary. Cute is so gentle and overcrowded, it makes little sense for women. Anyway, women are beautiful . No cute . Ask them!

2nd sentence: Badder

"I like your hat" is a good example of bad online dating advice provided by MSN and Yahoo! online dating "experts". They say, "Find something in your profile or photo and ask him." It's very good if you want to be a girl but do not make any connections, so you forget. I'll tell you what to ask in a minute when I've finished the fun and cut off this bad email.

sentence 3: Baddererest (yes, that's a word … at least now!)

Just a well-crafted guess, but I would say girls have bad e- 80% of your mails end " come and see my profile and if you like what you see, email me ." What's wrong with it First everyone will do it Secondly, finish your email, Salesmen and marketers are called "call for action", such as "BUY NOW!" It does not have to be so difficult, but realistically, anything that is commanding and interesting is better than a passive "if you like what you see." "It would be better to finish the" rabid monkeys eating my fingers as I wrote, e-mail back or finish it! Actually, I'm like this.

So anatomy of "Bad Email" ends …

Now let's make a good email

I can give you the most important online dating advice .. Interesting! Most guys describe the same boring thing over and over again and again. If you really want to blow, try the combination of the two:

1) Have a sense of humor

2) To be visible

1. Humor Detection

Do you want to learn how to write funny e-mails? First, read your profile up and down, back and forth. Choose something that's unique to this girl and ignore all the stuff she's written in dozens of other dating profiles.

Example: He says, "I'm smart, funny, single, loving baseball, study medicine, and a chicken farm."

He forgets everything except the chicken stock. The chicken's animal makes him unique! Try your brain to be your craziest, funniest observations. You might write something like this: "Chicken farm? I love chicken … What a perfect couple … Extra chickens could be pulled out of the job and I could pick them up in the chicken white market could build a nest egg and run away coup the sunny Chichen Itza! "

Wow, this is a bad set of puns, even for me. Anyway, you get the picture. You touch what makes it unique, the smallest point most guys ignore to go for easy and everyday things like "I like your hat." Exceptions to the unique points will only attract attention and their sense of humor will win them. [2] Item 2: How Stupid

Guys do not actually read profiles. Of course, we pull them up a few times and look for the points to talk about, but I did not read the lines. We do not really look for the depth of his words, the subtext of what he says, what he really wants. What am I talking about? Let's go to the right for an example

Here's a section of a woman's profile: "I was in it before, maybe too many times, every time I got a little bit jammed, honest, the world would be a better place to look for a kind, loyal and honest guy. "19459004

Are you saying you are looking for a kind, loyal, honest guy?

Only on the surface. What you really told me is that … "The men were offended."

How did I get this from the above paragraph? Re-read what he says: he will come back over time, even milder, which means that he has gone through many connections, all of which ended badly. He wants more honesty, which means he faces many scams. And looking for a kind man who is kind, faithful and honest, which strongly suggests that he knows what he wants, because he has spent time with many of the guys who were guilty, disloyal and miserable.

look at this profile and see a girl you've been wronged and I know you're answering a kind, faithful and honest guy? Is to introduce myself?

* NO! *

I'll do better. There's a guy who gets a lot easier answering than the guy above … a guy who will know him! Forget everything women say they want on the surface! Deep down … want to understand (19459006) (all of them really). The guy who understands you're really and feels with him is much stronger and rare.

I can write this question: "I read your profile and could not help feeling the sadness of sadness with your words, we are all looking for happiness in life, but disappointment certainly seems to find your way quite often, just like a sunny I'm looking for a day in a cloudy world. "

Of course I'm not facing your problems, a fine brush is needed to draw your attention and tell him the potential is there. This will certainly ignore the guys who say "I am honest, honest and faithful." Do you know … the same guys who have been in the past maltreated?

There are many other techniques to get a girl's attention in an e-mail, but these both demonstrate valuable features of humor and transparency that make it more appealing to her. Choose a small individual bead in your profile and shine with humor. Read deep into your profile's subtext and sympathize with it. He will send you back an email.

What … did you think it would be as easy as writing: "Hey baby, what is it?" 🙂

Welcome and happy dating!

Dylan Alexander

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