Many people find network marketing to break up a tough mother. There are many challenges in this day and age that involve ownership and growth of your own network marketing business. How can you separate people from the same people who sell the same products, the same business opportunity, and the same company as you do?

How can you be more effective and have an unfair advantage in a very competitive market?

The issue of offline network marketing is that it will be competitive for hundreds and not thousands of other distributors with the same tools, systems, sales locations, training as you are. Increasing competition makes it easier for network marketing distributors to become immature in the vast sea.

But there really are challenges everywhere in network marketing, but at the networking company, legal relocation increases the right. Or this generation's awareness of Internet, advertising, and bombardment of entertainment.

The Online Marketing Strategy

So how can you conquer MLM industry troubles? How can we separate ourselves from the dealers' sea, who are already struggling for power lines and recognition from potential prospects?

Solving offline network marketing problems in the "You INC" Business Model

This network marketing strategy has revolutionized the networking of network marketers in the Internet.

The "You INC" business model means that you surround the whole business as a person, but only a network marketing opportunity. Your name, your face, your personality, your words, your actions, your energy will be your business and your brand. The network marketing business becomes a small piece of "You INC"

The "You INC" strategy sells as a sponsor, leader and real value to new distributors, instead of being just a business opportunity like everyone else.

To do this, you must provide a real value through a communication tool. For example, say a blog, a YouTube channel, social media pages, and the list resumes. Strategy is a consistency of creating audiences that want to listen to you because they give them value and solve their problems.

People want to join the downlink because they see their value, we are able to solve their problems and, above all, they are leaders who are real value to new distributors.

The "You INC" Business Model Made Easy

The marketing strategy consists of 3 simple steps.

first Step 2: Create List

2. Step Creating a Contact with the Listed

3. The Market on the List

This is most of the internet marketing strategy up. But that's really it. Network marketing thus raises a number of legal problems in some companies. Offering Companies

You've probably heard before, "You're in your list of money" or something like that. But that's not true … money is in contact with the listener. Your list is your distribution channel. The link established with your listing is your business.

Things can help solve legal issues in some companies. By marketing yourself and collecting people's contact information, you can be able to talk about the business background of your business opportunities without compromising corporate online rules.

The better the service of others, the more money

. If all you ever do to concentrate on your business or product sales, you will never get anywhere


Create a platform where you can create valuable content, Blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page or anything else you choose
Build a track and build your list
Create a contact with your list
Market in your list
very simply.

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