This article describes how to create a POP or IMAP email account in Microsoft Outlook. The instructions are simple and correct compared to the date and are designed for normal users. It is still recommended to follow the instructions carefully to avoid common Microsoft Outlook problems.

Want to create a POP3 or IMAP email account in Microsoft Outlook, but don't know how? If so, the article is for you. Microsoft Outlook is the most popular e-mail client, because it is designed to use e-mails for most Internet e-mail server types, such as POP, IMAP, HTTP, Microsoft Exchange, or other third-party servers. send or receive. To use any of the server types, you need to set up your email account. Sounds hard? Not really. This step-by-step guide helps you set up your email account without the need for an expert Microsoft technical support.


Start Outlook, click the File tab, click Info, select Account Preferences, and then select Account Preferences from the drop-down list . When the Account Settings window opens, click the E-mail tab, select New, click the E-mail account, and then click Next.

Click Setup to manually configure server settings or the box next to additional server types, and then click Next. In the next dialog box, select Internet E-Mail, and then click Next. In the Internet E-mail Options window, enter your name and e-mail address under User Information, select POP3 / IMAP etc. from the drop-down menu. Type an account and enter the incoming and outgoing mail server information in the appropriate fields.

Enter your username (email address) and password in the appropriate fields below the Login Information field.

Click on the box and remember the password. to remember Outlook for your password at login. Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider for incoming and outgoing mail server.

Click More Settings, and then click Next. You can also use this option as an incoming mail server, and then click OK to return to the Internet e-mail settings window.

Click Test Account Settings to test your email settings. then click the Finish button The successful server type has been successfully configured to send e-mails or e-mails. It applies to 2010, but the email account The process of setting up Outlook in Outlook remains the same or slightly changes

to specify all information such as email address, password, name, and server information. Failure to do so may result in error messages or problems that cannot connect to the server and are unable to send or receive emails, among others.

Most people have been burdened by e-mail at work. Amongst the steps we take with friends and family, we're flooding promotional emails and emails that let us know what's happening on our social networks and, as always, a lot of spam.

A couple of e-mail tips and tricks can help you rationalize the day and stay as productive as possible. Undoubtedly, most of them are more of a "tip version" than tricks, but they help almost everyone who is struggling with email management.

1) Setting Custom Filters

All appropriate email services have a filter function. It can take a few minutes to filter out large amounts of emails based on topics, sender, keywords, and email addresses.

Depending on the purpose of the account, the total amount of emails can be reduced to a fraction.

Filters work well with custom filters. For example, setting up a filter based on email addresses can ensure that friends and family members get into a "read later" folder and leave other emails in the inbox.

2) Essential Speed ​​

If you want to reduce the amount of time spent on email, try working at the fast speed. Filters and folders help to make this easier, but a more ruthless approach is also helpful.

If an email is not important, do not read the full message. If so, answer it immediately. Unless there is a reason to send an email, for example to a family member of another Member State, keep it brief.

Most conversations are personal or telephone better. Use emails to set up appointments, fill an important topic or event, and then proceed.

3) Use CC field

Unless there is no reason to store a message between you and another party, use the carbon copy (CC) freely. Trust that others can keep up with what they need to do and involve them in correspondence

This is especially true for e-mails about events or projects that require planning and implementation. Others can see email and contribute to their ideas or take some responsibility. This will reduce the overall email load over time and help no one miss out on important conversations.

4) If an e-mail responds with a warranty, do so immediately

It's easy to see an email and schedule this response for the next day. Even if it is not important, it is not uncommon for someone to send the next email to make sure that the first message has passed.

The result is that the incoming messages fill unnecessary messages that ignore the importance of other tasks. Send a short answer and send it immediately unless there is any mitigating circumstance that prevents you from doing so.

5) Use the Block Function

In Gmail, click the "Show Search Options" button. Type your email or domain with "@", create a filter, and click "Delete". This will automatically delete your mail from this unique sender or domain.

Cancel E-mail

Email does not have to be a chore. It always takes a little time and a little work to keep the organization, but with some simple tips and tips, the amount of mental energy that stays on top of things is reduced.

Many people have their own reasons to request a fresh email address. But you don't have to sign up for another email account to get one. All you have to do is alias. And it's hard enough.

When I was on the Internet, I went everywhere. And I gave my email address to almost anyone who wanted it. Tssk Tssk, I know. So it wasn't long for hundreds of unwanted emails to be deleted every week. Really HATE SPAM!

Enter the email alias and resolve the issue. Essentially, it creates a disposable email address that goes to your primary account and not at all. If you get up and give us the web page that sells your data and you will receive many emails you didn't ask for, simply delete it and send another one.

I use alias email addresses mainly for the first time, where I have no experience. Such as when I buy online. If after a few months I have to go back to the site and haven't got a new spam sunset, I will change my email address to my primary address. I also use them if you need an email address for certain types of drawings. Ever sign in to a parked car in the middle of a local mall?

Creating an iCloud email alias to get a completely new email address is not difficult. Enter.

Go to and sign in to your account. Once there, click on the email application. In the upper right corner, the gear image appears. Click on the installation and click on "Settings".

Under the "Accounts" tab, in the bottom left corner, select the "Add Alias" hyperlink. In the window that appears, select "Alias", put your name in the "Full Name" region and enter "Description" such as JUNK or SHOPPING. Click "OK" and see if alias is available. If not, choose a new one and try again until you finally choose what is available.

When the window is closed, select the newly created alias from the left column and make sure the "Receive mail and send email from this alias" checkbox is selected.

If you want to use a new alias for your main account, go to the "Composition" tab. Next to "Identity", "Send New Messages" and then a drop-down list. Make sure the new alias is selected and click "Done".

If you want the alias to be a garbage address, you don't have to worry about the "Composing" tab. Just make sure you check all the responses you have sent to ifyy websites and make sure you respond to your garbage request.

Grabbing the e-mail alias is quite straightforward. In the Options pane, select the alias that you will release. At the bottom of the panel, near the control panel, "Delete Alias" appears. Click on it and a confirmation window will appear. Click "Delete Alias" again from the window and did everything.

first Poor or obsolete subject lines

& # 39; Hi & # 39; or & # 39; not good subject lines. If you expect the reader to open an email, give him something about what will happen. Don't keep your reader insecure when using obscure topics. Also, do not use old subject lines. If the date of the lunch has passed with a colleague, do not use the same thread. Create a new email thread or simply change the topics to make them more relevant to both of us.

2nd Abbreviations or Applications

Not only are you professional, abbreviations and abbreviations can cause confusion or misunderstanding. Not everybody thinks that FYA means its action & # 39; Take the time to examine your reader and give the words instead.

3rd Writing a Long Paragraph

Nothing prevents e-mail as if it were just opening an e-mail to contain only a very long paragraph. It's hard to read and makes it difficult for the reader to focus and select key points.

Create a message reader friend by leaving a blank line between paragraphs and launching a new paragraph in every three or four lines.

4th Sending Wrong Messages

Before you start typing, it helps when you first plan your message – view the flow from opening to detail to action, and then close it. Review again when you're done and ask yourself the four quick questions:

  • Did you include all the relevant information?
  • Can you remove all redundancies?
  • Is the information running smoothly?
  • Is the Action Clear?

5th Simply sending sloppy messages

If there are no clear targets in email, some misspelled words, lengthy sentences, and if you have never worried about double-checking before sending, you can only receive your email in the tray .

I hope you decide to try to make sure that you and your company make a great impression on your email. The logical structure of messages with introduction or retrospective (Thank you for the call, etc.), Add the details, tell the reader what you want and close it with an appropriate closing.

The bottom line of all email communications is: what you write and how you write will affect what you think of you and your organization, so it's important to help yourself and respect your readers with the right use of email

If you are trying to market your business, you are always looking for new ways to reach a larger customer base. One of the most effective ways to do this is internet marketing. Read on to learn how to use this exciting new marketing strategy to revolutionize your business.

Do not use occasional fonts as part of the marketing campaign. You want your customers to take the product or business seriously, and they probably won't do it in a rare font. Choose a well-known font such as Times Roman Numeral, Arial or Verdana.

Slowly build up your contact list. Let's start with those who have already appreciated what they offer, and then move on to areas where they have the prospects. It may take some time to keep your email, but at the end of the day, you will want to build a trusted contact list.

If you have a client who has a birthday, be sure to send a follow-up email containing a happy birthday message. Enter a request in the email to indicate that the person is going to a particular location. The endpoint may contain a link that tells him to click on the subscriber.

Before anyone gets into the email marketing list, you must be licensed. If you do not have permission, you will be responsible for sending spam and receiving a lot of complaints. Your email provider can split your account if it gets to the wind it does. Prevents this from happening by asking people to subscribe to the list.

Each reader is treated as a connection. Ask the first email to send more permission. In the second email, tell them what discounts, products, and services are expected in future emails. In the third email and then follow the content you promised to give them.

Submit the opt-in to a link that you can click to confirm your subscription to your email list. In this way, you can ensure that you have something you want to do and protect you from receiving complaints about spam. Let the opt-ins know the track to click on a link.

Try the client with the subject of the email. By e-mail, you must capture the reader's attention to the moment you enter your inbox, otherwise you may be trashed. If you have a weak or uninteresting topic, this will happen. So try out the topic with some creativity.

As you can see, email marketing is what any business can use to improve their sales. Your profits will soon increase dramatically if you apply the techniques in this article to your business strategy. Email marketing is something you can start working on now!

Aweber is an automatic answer. Allows you to create campaigns that you can set up and forget to automatically send your sites and products to new prospects. You can also send emails to your list when and when needed.

Indeed, it is necessary for another company to send e-mails this day and age, because with the level of spam emails, if you send e-mails from your own IP or server, you probably won't have e-mail mail spammer. If you don't have the resources to negotiate your mail, you can expect up to 50% of your emails to be in your inbox if you're lucky.

Aweber continues this trial and quickly receives emails. They go beyond this and provide you with statistics on who has opening and clicks that are links to email. This is ridiculously important information for every business. A trained marketer can get this information and come up with ideas on what to change to create more sales.

They said they could require up to 7 views before the purchase in the sales message. I don't have the statistics to justify this, but on the bottom line, to see the message over and over again and gain trust between them and you and your product. This is the marketing foundation for the brand. If they see it in sufficient time and know that others are buying it, it must be at least fairly good.

Using Aweber you can easily refine your marketing message. They support distributed testing, where we send a lot of different emails to the list, all of which were targeted with the same offer to see which one is most effective in generating sales. Many businesses have simply forgotten that they can do this even on their actual website because they may be laborious, especially because some platforms do not support it at all.

Aweber has everything that a marketer needs to make profitable and push the boundaries of the business. There are many extras, such as newsletter templates, and insoluble "floating popup" forms above the extras and the basic elements. But the most important components are important, the degree of delivery and detailed reporting. This is certainly one of the main services in the field and you will not get close to a custom programming script.

The auto responder is a series of email marketing messages sent to subscribers with a limited frequency and sequence. This type of online marketing can easily lay the foundation for selling from potential customers or customers. E-mail auto-responders provide a wonderful experience, especially for first-time subscribers who enjoy a pleasant experience for other subscribers. They offer a simple, fast and effective way to deliver your message to Make Money Online. However, they must be designed so as not to annoy the recipients.

Benefits of Automatic Email Responders

· Email respondents are never tired. You can use them any day, and you can still expect a good reward for your potential customers with a well-structured message

· You never get bored even if you send the same marketing message. This significantly reduces your marketing costs without affecting the quality of the products or services we offer

· Get ​​the best content with the right frequency and find new readers. They make it easy for new potential customers to be recognized, which is good for sales

Creating their work

When using an e-mail autoresponder as a strategy to create Money Online, it must be obtained immediately. Annoying messages will never ask for anything, as you need to carefully structure the message.

Avoid what is obvious : Do not waste your time telling recipients that they already know that I have received the email or thank you for the message or I will soon read the e-mail mail. Choose a message that keeps recipients against the solutions they offer for your products or services.

Appeal to the Good Nature of Recipients : It's always better understood by them. For example, you can briefly explain why it may take some time to reply to your letter to quickly notice the overwhelming work. This makes it enough for people to understand because the message will work well.

t tThink Humor Humor makes it easier for recipients to feel frustrated or saddened by their services or products.

Direct and Short : Very long messages have never been attractive to recipients, especially because they do not directly answer their questions. Therefore, try to keep them when you create an auto-reply message. Most people only need to know that the answer is an automated one and the reason why they send it, and the expectation that the recipient should be at that point. However, the three must combine creatively to appeal to the recipients without increasing their frustration.

t Using such delayed messages allows customers to simultaneously forward their messages, apologizing for taking too much time to read their messages. It still manages to make customers feel important because they still have the chance to win money without losing potential customers.

If you have a small business, a medium-sized business, an educational or government institution, you need to take precautions to protect your company.

Failure to avoid proprietary threats to corporate security, lost revenue or customers, litigation, or any problem. Many companies try to save money and neglect the purchase of a secure e-mail archiving software just to recognize its fault if it's too late.

Good e-mail software provides businesses with a filtering feature that prevents potential threats such as viruses, spam and malicious content. It also detects unsafe attachments and quarantines, or prevents you from entering the server or database. Get a reliable filtering and low false positive rating. This means calmness and many risks.

For small and medium-sized businesses on the Internet, there are e-mail services that provide a trial period, usually a free monthly service, to determine if they need it. Take advantage of the trial so you don't have to spend money on software you haven't tried. Find out what features provide the best benefits and eliminate security concerns in email.

Some entrepreneurs ignore the importance of anti-spam services. You need to see how much time workers can save if their email program can filter unwanted materials. Many business owners have been complaining for years about unsolicited emails and content, and some spam blockers have responded. Today's e-mail applications are more advanced and sophisticated. They have special features that prevent spam and virus prevention before threats reach the end user.

Companies that sometimes rupture do not realize the risk of real-time protection. If a virus or worm infects a client's file, damages, deletes, or renders it unusable, your company may have a dispute. Malicious programs and spyware can also store contacts and confidential files for thieves. If you have a secure email archiving software with antivirus capabilities, you can protect files and connections from thieves and destruction.

Think of the content that leaves the mail server. If a virus or malicious content has infected the server, you can distribute spam content to other computers connected to the Internet. This is just as risky as the recipients can sue your company if you suspect that the virus comes from the server, which is easy to prove. The company may lose business because it may affect its reputation.

Avoid e-mail server security issues. Protect your intellectual property. Some email filtering and scanning services have e-mail archiving software that protects your files and content. It examines keywords, symbols, and phrases, and indicates or quarantines files containing content, stopping intellectual property theft inside or outside the company. Find a secure email filtering service that offers the best features to protect your company from viruses, spam, file theft, malware, and spyware. A good e-mail protection service ensures peace of mind, reduced opportunities for legal liability, and overcoming other company threats.

B2B e-mail marketing

According to Royal Mail, the recent price increase for mail is largely due to a decrease in postal volume and, of course, the higher the price, the more it moves from the traditional letter! Even at the current level, postage costs are very reasonable compared to other countries, but if you send a large number of invoices, sales notes, or catalogs, costs will soon be added.

Alternatives to Royal Mail, such as TNT and UKMail, have been offering business users many years of service and saving up to 30%. Royal Mail offers a number of packages, including the excellent Door-to-Door service. But the most commonly used alternative is of course e-mail.

When and how you will use e-mails depending on whether you are targeting existing customers / clients or looking for new ones

Professionals … [19659002] Quick e-mails can be quickly compiled and can be sent quickly, we have developed projects that require a 24-hour roundabout, which they could never do with traditional postcards, even if the first class was the next day, national and "Postie [naponta kétszer szállítjuk.]

Inexpensive (or low cost) I must be) If your e-mail is working properly, that is, to get to the right person, read it and plan it properly afterwards.

If you use a third party to send email, you will be charged a fee Some offer free services for small quantities, but if you want really valuable data such as shipping and open fees you will have to pay.

t When traditional postcards are printed, there are often many in the approval process, and more is accomplished – extra eyes that raise problems before they leave the building

. E-mails are often placed in the office for the youngest person, and this can be a recipe for disaster.

If you send emails at a certain point, you are accused of spamming. Wait for the irate phone call in the worst case that your ISP will pull out the plug (this happens).

So how do we use e-mail effectively to communicate with other businesses?


Make sure your list is accurate and up to date. If you use it clearly for B2B communication, you do not need to use a "double opt-in" list, but you only need to provide the correct details. A good list will reduce the time spent on non-outcome and the likelihood that the receiving organization will identify as a potential spammer.

Purchasing an email list does not contradict the rules, and there are some good quality listings from reputable suppliers (as well as awesome clothes), but some ISPs explicitly prohibit the use of purchased lists due to quality issues. A good example of this is

It is worth mentioning that most of the British rules for e-mail marketing (as regulated by the 2003 Data Protection and Electronic Communications (EC) Regulations) are not known as PECR. B2B communication. But, and this is a big one, but many of the organizations in the supply chain are not British companies, they don't understand the difference between B2B and B2C, or choose to ignore it. In addition, there are organizations such as Spam Haus, self-appointed electronic communications, who try to prevent all unsolicited e-mail, regardless of what the law says.

As a general rule of thumb, it will not be a problem if you send it to business email addresses (avoiding Hotmail or Gmail accounts) and, wherever possible, make sure that you promote your business.



Most e-mail system default settings are "disable images", so emails must contain a simple text version of the content and ideally a link to the URL where you can see it in full e-mail if the recipient cannot enable the images. Similarly, avoiding images or attaching them to email – because of their size, they slow down the entire process and increase the chances of the recipient refusing them, so it's better to have a home.

e-mail is short and accurate – if you need to have a lot of information and / or image in the e-mail link. If you send a message like a newsletter, it contains only the shortest details, perhaps an image and the first sentence or two of each article. Space is the premium on e-mail windows, so put all the important things on top!

Video is a very effective way to connect to a recipient. A clearly marked video footage encourages people to read emails and click on the movie. Studies suggest that the open ratio is four times higher for video,

PECR rules require a clear and simple method of requesting mailing lists. You must clearly identify the name of the organization sending the email, the site, and the company registration number, if any.

Invitation to Action

How many e-mails will be sent without a clear call or call this number by e-mail or click here. If you target them to a webpage, make sure that the link is correct and passes to the appropriate page.

Often, difficulties or delays in modifying a site can slow down the entire project. Consider using a mini / micro website as landing pages or social media

Handling Complaints

As I mentioned earlier, if you are sending emails, you should deal with complaints sooner or later, so you should best use the simple registration procedure and speeding up problems if necessary. A copy of this must be provided to send the complainant with the privacy policy.

From experience it has been found to contradict the complainants about what it means or does not mean spam. If you simply get annoyed, apologize and remove them from the list and make sure they are on the exclusion list for future campaigns

Just because e-mail messages are sent quickly does not mean that they can be hastily compiled. I'm sorry! He hoped I would say that little annoying things like grammar are not important.

Here are some grammar indicators that you can use to start the right way to send the right email. This is not an exhaustive list. The full textbooks are grammar. However, these tips will be useful

Incorrect modifiers

Insert the modifiers into the correct location. Of course – as I tell you what's with a modifier, you can tell us where to go.

Modifiers are adjectives and words. Adjectives are used to change nouns and pronouns. Adverbs are used to modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs. One way to remember this is that most words are written in "ly".

Example – Correct Use of Modifiers

The following example shows how to use adjectives to change nouns and modify forms to change a verb

When you change a noun, use an adjective:

• Wrong job

• Frequently Involved

Adverb when changing a verb:

• Often contributes

Noun / Pronoun Agreement

Another common grammatical problem is when the pronoun does not agree with its antecedent. Or simply in English, this means that we use the plural noun incorrectly to change the singular noun, or vice versa. The most common crime is the plural, when the sentence really requires "he" or "his" singing.


This will become clearer when reading the following example. The chart also offers several options for rewriting these statements to be correct

Single verse plural pronouns

The following statement is incorrect.

"When a client is upset, they need ventilation."

Here are some ways to rewrite the statement to be correct:

• Transcription in plural:

"When Customers Crash, they must empty."

• Use:

"When the client gets confused, he must empty it."

• Reusing the noun:

"When the client shakes, the client must stop."

• Vote the statement:

"An upset client must open."

Recent phenomenon

is a specific problem with another phenomenon. In the past, "he" was the usual pronoun, which refers to both sexes. In the present times we tried to be politically correct. This leads to the question. The bugs in this problem not only lead to bad grammar, but are offensive to someone.

Future Trend

Now that we have a quick historical lesson, let's look at the future. In a few years, it may be acceptable to use the plural name pattern as "they" with singular precedents.

However, these times have not yet arrived, despite the fact that we can see the opposite. So don't use plural nouns with singular nouns until you get the official English reminder

Surprises of Grammar

Here is a last point about grammar. You may be surprised who will be upset if your messages are not correct. Your client, colleague, or boss can constantly use the wrong grammar. However, this does not mean that you do not recognize misuse when you hear it or see it from others. In other words, they may have a higher standard. Make sure you measure it.