Although the concept of a paper-based office has been around for a while, it is still far from being a reality. The tremendous success of emails has partially changed fax communication and helped him get rid of some of the paper. However, printer technology and word processing have become easier than ever to produce huge amounts of paper in the office.

The net result is that there are often documents that only exist on paper and we find ourselves in a position faxing this document to someone who does not have a fax machine (but of course has an email)

The obvious Solution: first locate the document and submit the document as attached file

. But in practice, there are some problems, namely:

a) No scanner

Despite this popularity, this world-class scanner is still the tenth largest number of fax machines.

b) Have a scanner but it does not work

This machine is prone to various malfunctions, as this is a delicate device.

c) We do not know how to use the scanner

Using the scanner is not a difficult task, but the scanner who rarely uses it is much easier to use the fax.

There is a very simple solution if you have a fax machine:

1) Go to httpxx.en.tlfax. com and generates a fax to the e-mail cover that contains the email information with two billion barcodes.

2) Printable cover page

3) Fax document using the cover page as the first page to 34-902889998. the document will immediately appear as an attached file in your email account.

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