A question that is often asked by many online; "Is it safe for me to give someone my PayPal email?"

The short answer: "Yes!"

It is very understandable that many people are concerned about the same concern. Your PayPal account is like a bank account, so you do not want to make it easy to secure.

This issue often occurs because many membership sites, for example, ask for a PayPal email after joining them. This is generally not a mandatory requirement, but is recommended.

You may be asked, even if you already have an email address associated with your account. This is because some people have different or separate PayPal email addresses.

One of the reasons for asking for a referral program will be paid through PayPal. If you link someone to your site via an affiliate link and buy that person, you will receive a commission.

Why is it safe for you to provide such sites with PayPal's email address? Since nobody can pick up anything on your PayPal account without having to know your password.

Therefore, never post your PayPal password to anybody.

Every time you buy something through PayPal, we'll ask you to check your password. The only time exception is this rule for repetitive payments. However, when you make the first payment in a repetitive payment agreement, PayPal will tell you to make a repetitive payment plan and give you the frequency of payments, either weekly, every two weeks, per month, and so on. [19659002] In the future, if you choose not to continue repetitive payments, you can immediately cancel it through your PayPal account.

PayPal is a very convenient way to initiate and receive online payments. While you always need to use discretion when displaying sensitive data to any site, your PayPal email address is generally safe.

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