The next is the real story of the power of a perfectly crafted VITO letter. Before you pick up the 3,000-strong phone to sell the call for sale to any member of "C" Suite, including the CEO, read and remember this story.

Recently, one of my vendors had some car problems, so I offered to make it a way to work. I did not want to miss the opportunity to do a little bit of a role play, I suggested that we go through a few phone-skills meeting. A well-established statistic is that there are only eight seconds to grab the executive's attention. Daniel, a bit skeptical of the eighth rule. He looked at me and said, "Boss, eight seconds is too short! There's hardly enough time to take a deep breath, not to mention a meaningful opening statement!"

He turned green in the next red light, I kept my foot in rest, and began to count: "One thousand, a thousand two thousand …" People began to choke. By the time I was "a thousand four," Daniel pleaded to move. By the time we reached the sixth second, the guy started to get out of his car behind us, and Daniel was looking for a seat under the seat to hide it. When I finally hit eight, the intersection was a symphony with the horn's symphony, shouting "with index finger" and mouth. I found the gas

Now that you've read a book, took part in my live events, in my webinar, or read all of my articles, you understand what motivates the members of the "C" suite to buy; you know the real benefits of your product, service, or solution; and you have a good idea of ​​the VITO tactics available to you. If you find yourself ready to pick up £ 3,000 to call the C level executive, including the CEO, what do you say?

Suppose you call a new perspective:

I've chosen to use this phone, or a written communication with a follow-up call (see my VITO correspondence article) or your first contact without sending mail.

Your goal is to appoint or create a next step with VITO who is the person who actually buys the sale and the person who has the ultimate inactivity effect.

Three Great Goals:

loud conversation.

2nd Reliably

3. Think of a breakthrough as soon as possible … the one that securely keeps VITO

The Five Most Important Components of Your Phone Opening Statement

We now assume that VITO will pick up your own phone, not your personal assistant. .. (about my epic tactics about how to work with VITO's Private Assistant, see my article "Gatekeepers"). By the way, VITO adds its own phone to 25% of time

Key Component 1: Introduction

Generally, when VITO adds their own line, they say their name is "This is VITO," or "VITO Importance of Speech" . The first step is to repeat the name of VITO. Things are formally used now to be Mr. or Ms., then VITO's first name.

Brochure: This is VITO.

You: Ms Important?

Brochure: Yes. look for Ms. Importance with undivided attention. Whatever he did before he said his name, he stopped now. He's listening to it, and that's a good thing.

What most of the salespeople are doing now despite the abundant and infinite repetition of evidence that they can not say that this is a wholly shark: "Hello, Ms. Jones, this is Will Perish, ABC Insurer."


If you do not have the name, say, James Bond, or your company's membership, say the Charge Charging Department of the Publishing House or the IRS, what will happen next time in the vast majority of such calls. Prospects respond to this suicide "verbal handshake" by tuning and are asked to send written information, provided that the building only caught fire or otherwise abandoned the call. In other words, you will be in the line for a second and a half seconds and you will be ready.

2nd Key component: A pleasantry

Here is an alternative plan (one works). What I want to say will contradict you what you have taught. Anyway.

Tell me something positive and enthusiastic about something that does not directly identify you, your company, or the product or service you want to end up with. The call is too early … Instead, you will use a pleasant one, something like this:

• "It's a great honor to finally talk to you!"

• "Thank you for picking up the phone!"

• "Thank you for your call"

• "What a surprise to be alive!"

Get the idea? All these nice things will do you a lot better job than your name and company membership at the beginning of the conversation. Or say something completely shark like, "How are you today?" or "Do you have a minute?"

3rd key component: the hook

Immediately after the inconvenience, grab the intentional area of ​​the VITO brain with a hook that directly spells on this VITO

"We helped (three of the five most successful widget companies) up to 4% increase in revenue)). "

There is now a tangible benefit if you ever had one! Hold the hook and one or two sentences long and you can not go wrong.


More often, if not, then you will get a good break if the angler does his job. VITO is likely to squeeze and say something:

"It's interesting to tell me everything."


"How did you pull this farm?"


] "I have no interest."

Do not worry. You will learn how to handle unsuitable interruptions in one of my other precious articles.

As I said, it is almost certain that the situation is interrupted. For the sake of completeness, however, you have to complete the development of the opening statement so you know what to say in those cases where it does not break at this point.

4th Key Component: Naming Names

Once you split your tape, VITO knows the cause of the call. The cat out of the bag. This is the perfect time to identify yourself and if you want your organization. If you decide to identify your employer, give a short ad. What you say, fit in a sentence. It sounds like this:

"This Will, Will Prosper, ABC Insurance is the most difficult company in the insurance industry today".

5th The Most Important Component: The Final Question

If I do not interrupt you then your opening statement ends with a final question that includes some time.

"Ms. Importanta, did this affect the issues that are worrying you about this (month / year / quarter)?"


"Mrs. Benefito, want to reach this end (quarter / year)?"


what's the best way to look at it further? "


" Mr Benefito, who wants to be in your team to continue this conversation right now and end of the business (days, weeks)? "


Here's an example of the VITO opening statement that works. Yours do not have to sound exactly like this, but it must be long and like all the bases you need to find

Prospect: It's VITO.

You: "Ms. Importantly? "Brochure: Yes …

You:" (Pleasantry) I was happy to read that your company has successfully expanded to the European market … By the way … Hook After we studied another customer's business, which generated over $ 25,000 in sales each year, and the real surprise was that without doing so, we had a little wounded capital (that name) Will Will Prosper at Zenith. (Ending Question) Similar or greater results may be hard on copies, but is it open to keeping the next step from now until the end of the business week? "

Again, do not simply try to paste corporate specifications into the messages above. Use the ideas listed in this article, and most importantly, read all of my articles and use read materials

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