Abuse of elders becomes a huge problem for us in the Western world. There are so many abuses, and if everything is possible, everyone has to stop it.

In the news weekly or two, it seems we know that at one retired institution one or two employees have been abused by one or more of those who live in the place of residence. This behavior is unacceptable at all levels. But it continues from day to day and from week to week. Is there anything we can do with it? The short answer is yes! In this article, I make some simple, concrete steps that anyone can do to protect them from loved ones.

Large scales are hard to make big changes. However, smaller, individual and community dimensions, minor, consistent changes can help make the most vulnerable a good end to life without being abused.

The abuse of the elderly is different. There are physical abuses that consist of an older man stroking, kicking, knocking, piercing, or pinching. Yes, there are random physical kicks and movements. This is permissible because accidents happen to everyone. However, steps must be taken to find patterns. And if we steadily go wrong or try to do so, we need to make further investigations.

Another abuse is psychological or mental abuse. This kind of abuse is usually a screaming, suppressive, overwhelming or simply an elderly person. So statements such as being so stupid that you are sitting and receiving or having no right to stay in a rest room, such as psychological abuse.

So, how to prevent the abuse of the elderly? Here are some things you should try to think if a loved one in a retired home is experiencing abuse.

• Talk to your darling and ask what you are experiencing. Believe it and not find her.

• To discuss the problem, arrange meetings with persons entrusted with retirement.

• Place an observation camera in the room or in the room where you suspect the abuse is with the loved one.

• If you suspect that abuses occur, it is time to move your loved ones to another retired institution, if possible.

• Be understanding and kind to love. Always understand where it comes from.

• Always stick to your loved ones with your abusive remarks. Never ignore your requests.

Take every step you want to communicate with your beloved person and think that your loved one actually tells you that truth is very important in circumventing abuse of the elderly. the retirement opportunity. Do not just lodge a complaint. Do not stop and complain because you are not only risking the well-being of your loved ones, but also the lives and well-being of many other people. This is because if there is a copy of abuses, sadly there are many others in the saddle.

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