Email Marketing is a very powerful tool for developing business. Regular e-mail newsletters, casual email promotions, etc. Sending it is an essential element of business. It's wonderful to have a great e-mail list. However, how do you ensure that you have the lowest bounce rate and the e-mail will give you the best results? Let's talk via e-mail.

first Make sure your content is relevant

If you have a shopping site, you should segment your email list for interesting products. You can rely on the segment to send e-mails with explicitly targeted content – and thus a leap into transformation.

2nd Secure sender?

In the welcome email, be sure to ask the subscriber to add your email address to a secure sender. If your email is in the spam folder, it is very likely that you will not read it.

3rd How often do you send them? What are you sending?

Do not exceed / promise. If you claimed to send it monthly, send it monthly. Do not hurt your subscribers with the next steps! Available within 48 hours within a few days. You can also send newsletters with information and not just special products.

4th Is email spam?

Make sure you've passed the spam test (most email services provide) and terminate spammy words / characters, etc.

5th Customization

Use this carefully, as spammers are willing to do so. However, e-mail with personalized header / subject is more likely to be transformed.

6th The new feeling of new immigrants

In addition to the welcome email, why not send the latest newsletter / latest offers?

7th Make sure you continue to request permission from the subscriber

. Double enrollment is important. Make sure that your database keeps this information in case you have a complaint later or even submit a law.

8th Focusing on the Most Important

Open Rate For Informational Emails

Clickthrough Rate – Sales for Targeted Emails

These are the most important. Each business has different KPIs. Identify and focus on them.

ninth Immediate Unsubscription

Make sure the database handles your subscription immediately. If someone has opted out, follow the "I'm sorry to see you" # send an email and ask them to visit your site more often.

10th Testing

Last but not least, a badly designed / broken email plan is likely to lead people away, as this reflects professionalism. Make sure you run a test enough before sending it.

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