I would like to formulate the argument that only the real goal of a business networking event is to initiate new relationships. This argument may be ridiculous. After all, almost every network event we attend is met with our friends and business associates, and we reunite. We learn what's new in business and talk about changes in our own businesses and industries. But here's the thing. It is not necessary for the network event to do these things. If meetings on network events are people who are already in touch, there is no need to reconnect the network event. There are other ways, such as sitting down coffee and training each other on the ideal customer references. The connection already exists. So, do not you prefer to build valuable network events to build a team of inviting friends and expand our influencing center?

This is your business and I accept that you want to produce as fast and efficient as possible. That means you can not afford to waste away people you almost certainly will not work. If you focus your energy on finding your invading friends who are able to fill a team in the team or who share their same clients, they will leave the network event as if it were already productive, not as if it were a waste of time.

When looking for a man at a network event to compliment the transfer team, look for two types of people: the free industries and those who fill a gap in the team. If you are real estate associate, free mortgage workers, home inspectors, home valuers, insurance vendors, patrons and others. To fill the team with your team, find the jobs your friends are interested in. For example, your friends may ask you whether you know a good mechanic or a good housekeeper, so always look for these people.

At the networking event, in order to introduce people to good friends let them talk. Therefore, your questions should be designed to help you decide on your needs. Even though you want to be effective at a network event, you do not want to retrieve it, so take your time. Soon you will know someone is fit. All of these questions can be asked in a conversational tone so that other people do not feel like interviews. Here are some that I use for my help.

What was the industry?

I like to hear a fascinating story; I like to work with people who are passionate about doing what they do. I also want to work with people I know will continue to do business in the long run.

What do you like best about what you're doing?

This often reveals what is most excited and most competent. Their passion and strengths can prove to be valuable to customers if I want to refer.

What's your favorite customer?

By this question or in a similar way I can determine whether I share the same clients with clients who have similar problems.

What do your clients say about you (or your service)?

I was looking for an honest answer to this question. I love self-assurance with humility and look further if the answer seems too flattering.

What are the biggest hurdles for the moment to reach your business goals?

No matter what obstacles are faced, I almost know someone (either myself or an intruder dude) who can help her overcome them if she is looking for help.

Sometimes people respond, I'm just so busy that questions whether I can handle another client if I refer to one. I like responses like We've just made some long-term contracts so we hire new staff; or, It will be great; we are working on a plan to expand our products. These answers give them credibility.

Where are you?

If someone is a person I can deal with, I like to know about other nodes to which it relates.

There are many other questions you can ask to help determine whether a person is fit for the referral team. You will find things that are natural and authentic while still pursuing the goal of man training and increasing the influence center. Be yourself and use your networking time productive.

Happy networking!

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