What is Social Networking?

These are online communities that connect a network of people of different interest and different locations around the world. Usually, these websites are designed to link friends, business networks, or just to stay in touch with each other. The main feature of these communities is "Active Communication".

Social Networks and Internet Marketing:

As we all know, business is designed to build relationships, meet new people, and preserve old relationships. Effective use of social networks is a good strategy for Internet marketing. Your message or ad can be passed on to the public for a large group on the Internet. So ads get great exposure. Unlike SEO, social networking uses links as sources for traffic.

Internet Marketing through Social Networks:

Among the various techniques available for social internet marketing, the following can be useful:

1. Ping.fm:

You can use it for streaming to multiple social networks at one time. You need to sign up for an account here and give them their login information on social networking sites (Orkut, MySpace). When you want to send a message, this message must be sent via email to the Ping.fm account and sent immediately to these social networking sites. It saves a lot of time.

2nd FriendFeed.com:

Instead of sending a message, this site blends or centralizes your message or community feeds in one place. So the network follows these posts on blogs and other sites.

3rd Presentlyapp.com:

This is a free web service that allows you to create your own private group.

4th Buzzable.com:

Use this to send notifications to all your partners and customers at the same time.

Components of social networking:

1. Connectors:

Often called "social glue", these people bring the others together. For example, if you sign up for a social site, if you find it good enough, you invite others to join this by sending friends' requests. They are the people who are good at getting friends with others.

2nd Mavens or experts:

These are information specialists. These people advertise their services by mouth orally. If they find something useful, they suggest to others that they use the same and describe features, increasing publicity and traffic.

3rd Selling People:

They are people with good persuasion. The unwanted people are converted into buyers or mavens.

In all internet marketing techniques, the critical thing is to determine the target market and to plan accordingly.

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