Recession times. Are you satisfied with heavily paid detergents that never remove the stains you promise? Is skin sensitive to strong scented chemicals used in detergents? Well, maybe I can find a solution for all your washing problems !!! I will help you make your own laundry detergent in your home with half the price of expensive brand names.

  • One of the things you need for a detergent:

    • One cup of boras
    • One cup of detergent
    • One bar of available soap
    • One gallon of water
    • And one big pot of detergent [we'llstartrightaway!

      first Step – Grind and Grind

      First, cover the soap with a cheese piece, knife or even a food processor; the bottom line is to be well-planted.

      2nd boil

      Bring the water to boil and add grounded soap and stir well until the soap becomes insoluble.

      3rd Step Other Ingredients

      Reduce the flame. Add borax and stir well. Then add wash solution. Stir until dissolved and removed from the flame.

      4th Step Setup

      Moves content to a container and enables the setting. Leave it one day before your first use.

      This is what you did! Was not that easy?

      I want a "Happy Cleaning" with a self-contained detergent. When markets are down, this is a wonderful way to boost your personal economy … 🙂 We'll soon meet even easier with home-based products!

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