Most sales professionals will understand what that means, but for those who do not, let me explain. See when you went to training to become better sellers, you always say that you mirror the person you are doing a presentation. If you are a Type A person, reflect it back. Though it might be a bit dangerous!

It has to be the same as your prospects. If they wear blue jeans, we will be cursed. If they are humorous, they must laugh at their jokes. Better still laugh with you!

Think of looking into the mirror and repeating what you see

I've always had the ability to meet people at any level. If we met a Chief Executive Officer, I was just talking about facts and very professional. I cut off the persecution and the bottom line to get everything to get to it quickly.

However, when I met someone in my home, I shared my story of how I raised my children. Problems with household and hats preservation

Reflection Networking should try to relate to another person, regardless of whether they are. You can always find a common place and go there. However, you have to wear not just how you are dressing, but also how you behave yourself.

I do not mean to lose your identity, not at all. I want you to show up in a crowd that you need to see in order not to get involved. I really think I see people who are better or worse than they are. They should be equal, nothing else.

This is a bit of exercise, but I can assure you, this is a talent that is worth developing. You need a little chameleon to reflect the people you meet at network events. Always ask what the dress is, so do not feel their place or feel uncomfortable for others because of their appearance.

What this makes possible may seem like someone to meet and fit in any position.

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