Do not you like a weird email address? How many e-mail addresses are in the contact list? Probably hundreds, but how many of them do you remember heartily? Probably not, but why is this?

E-mail is the most comfortable and widespread form of written communication in the world, yet it does not seem to have any imagination in creating our title. Why is this? My theory is that our e-mail address is a bit like our home address – simple, boring, boring, and something you just get stuck because you're buying a house in Bland Street.

Well, you do not have to be. The Internet gives you the power to leave your ideas wildly, so do not create a funny email address that your friends and family will always smile.

Expanding your personalized email address to you, your personality, your sense of humor, or something that people always remember about you. Here are some examples to think about. What about Sharon (at) shoefettish (dot), or perhaps David (at) ilovefishing (dot) com.

Imagine how easy family and friends can contact them if you do not have to look for your boring email address. Think of your friends on the interurban interurban route – the football finals have an extra ticket and there is a need for someone to jump on the plane quickly. Their furniture is flat, so they look at an internet cafe, but they do not have access to the address book. Fortunately, your address is all about reason – so you get the email and get an airplane before the email arrives.

Of course, your funny email id is also useful if someone needs someone to remember how to get in touch with you. Let's face it, no one remembers mobile phone numbers. Your contact information on the back of your daisies is easy to lose and your dream woman slips off of your world because of a stupid piece of paper.

Humor is the perfect memory device. If something is funny, we remember it. Think about your favorite movie, the bits you remember, the bits that make the most loud ridicule. A funny email address will not just tickle your funny bone, but it will remember you and how to get in touch.

Do not let your personality be lost in your boring e-mail address. After all, your email is personal, yours. So why not create a funny email address that remembers and remembered? With billions of people in the world, we have to find every possible way to make it stand out. You do not have to know each other, but you want to remember those who matter most to you. A funny e-mail address ensures that your family and friends will never forget you and leave your loop.

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