One of Snapchat's most recent press releases, as one of the most popular video and photo sharing apps, sent and received over 500 million clicks a day. One of the most popular features of Snapchat is the Best Friend list, which has both hate and love. Users enjoy this feature because they are easily accessible to snapshots with people they often encounter and do the same hate because they show a list of the best friends in your profile, so anyone can see it.

The Snapchat Best Friends List Explained

Snapchat's Best Friends or the "Top List" as they know in an unofficial form, are the 3 individuals who share the snap most often. The list is refreshed each week, which means that if people are pushed more often over the course of the week, they will appear on the list of best friends. You can see this list when a new snapshot is made, as it is visible at the top of the contact list for easier access. Everyone can see who is in their relationship and is publicly visible on your profile.

How to get the best friends in your contacts

To see the best friends of all your friends, simply use

· Scroll down to

's friend or username. This will show your profile where you can see your username and your friend's score.

· There will be a list of users whose friends most often snap.

· You can move the number of best friends in the settings pane from 3-5 to 7.

Keep in mind that the best friends' algorithm is that if someone clicks on a regular basis but only answers a few times, your person may be in your best buddy list simply because the score will always be higher whenever you send acne . Likewise, if you send someone more often to someone than others, then the list will end up being.

How to Remove Snapchat's Best Friends

How to remove Snapchat's best friends is a fairly straightforward process, but you have to be fully aware of how the feature works properly to use it. First, Snapchat has a certain point for your best friends, and the score is the snapshots received and sent. This means that the score in the profile is the total number of activity accumulated since the beginning of use of the service. Second, the score is measured by conversations between your friends, which determines who will make it to your best friends list.

Then, based on the Snapchat's friendly algorithm, the number of snapshots sent by you and your best friends appears next to their name. For newer updates to Snapchat, scores can be seen from the list of 3, 5 or 7 friends on the list. As these are updated weekly, the score will return to every 0 weekly weekly value after the weekly update

If you simply do not want someone in your best friends list, simply check who's there. There are plenty of reasons to do this. First, your best friends are public, anyone can see, which seems a little weird. Why should someone know who he is talking to most often? Second, if the other significant person is not the person you are most often talking about, you will notice when your profile is going. So another guy you're talking to will appear on the list, and the SO is questioning.

So you can simply remove them. To do this, you must stop your friends. This will allow you to restore the aforementioned score.

Simple solution for removing people on the list

Snapchat best friends list can not be completely hidden. Instead, you need to use a simple solution to remove individuals from your best buddy list. This method allows you to exchange people to their best friends list with other users, simply by using a simple blocking and unlocking method. Then you can exchange people you've been blocked with new friends, which gives you the illusion of talking to different people. This method covers those you do not want to see on your best friends list and effectively "removes" them.

If you want to disable someone, follow these simple instructions. First, go to the list of your best friends and click on the setup icon, which seems like a gear.

2nd This will appear in a popup window that will give you the choice to block and / or delete that person

. Click the Block button.

4th When you block an individual on Snapchat, the result is 0.

5th This person will now be removed from all lists, including the best friends and relationships.

This is the simplest method because you can block that person. They will not be notified of this block – and once they've done it, they can only unlock them and get 0 points so nobody will know how much they talked to them.

You are now on the list of contacts and not on your best friend list.

To unlock the person, scroll down to the lowest point of the connection where you can see your blocked connections in Snapchat. In addition to the name of each person, a pinion icon is displayed. Click this – and when you see the next window, click Unlock.

And that's it! Now, the person you picked up from your best friends list is replaced by a new person – the person who gets the highest score on the regular contact list.

Chat with Others to Improve Your Results on Their Best Friend List [19659002] Talking to your other friends will help them increase your score, which is more likely to make new people to your best friends. This means that if you talk less about the person you want to remove, the others will surpass the person you do not want to appear on the list. However, let's remember that the new best friend is updated every week.

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