I realized that reward is one of the motivations of man. When we were grown up, we often learned that success was the reward for hard work. So we felt like we were working so hard to achieve success. The same is true of laziness and complacency. They also have a reward. Most people at a certain moment of their life realize that it would have been better if they had long considered the benefits of excellence in the chosen areas. There are many expected successes in their old age. But that's hardly anymore.

The world only pays back the values ​​you've just submitted. As a result of weak network efforts, they result in an average connection network while computed and aggressive network activities result in huge revenue in a massive network. I'm sure we all want it. Most of the rewards are over you, passing between your children and your loved ones.

Most organizations in organizations often demote if the benefits of the work are not proportionate to the efforts made. Surveys have often found that high-performance facilities have a reward system for employees. Ironically, most employees do not have time to consider the benefits of their excellent work. So they do not keep in mind the image of the reward. Consequently, there is no inspiration for over-average performance, or extraordinary

Networking is a valuable asset to people in all levels – from security staff to CEO. I remember that often a separate security officer is helping to provide good parking space in one of Lagos's banks. Each time I visited the bank, he rose with a smile and raised his hand and helped. One day he came up to me with courage and said, "Sir, please forgive my interference, my son studied the bookkeeping and just finished his National Youth Service, I would be happy to help him get a job."

shocked. I told him there was no vacancy for his son. But I gave him my card and told her to tell her son to stop his resume in my office. He did it. About two weeks later I was with a friend who needed an accountant at a new company he was just setting up. Guess who came to my mind? Of course, the son of a security man! This is the reward for networking action.

Keep in mind that it does not mean that it works. But I'm confident that the chances of faster payouts in life are further enhanced by effective networking.

The same is true for vision-based networking. Having a vivid picture of what you deserve to be effective in your network, your networking attitude will be much more proactive. Do not forget David's biblical story, which also brought Goliath, the giant. Before David started on the battlefield to face Goliath, he went around the Israelite camp to find out what the reward for killing Goliath would be. And the rewards are good enough to motivate him to go to the murder. You must also see the reward in your mind. Personal shopping needs to be ensured. It should become a personal passion.

Before I got married, I described what marriage would be. I appreciate a productive kitchen and the sight of children around the house. I think I have a responsible and spiritual companion. This is some reward that encouraged me to seek a partner. Seeing rewards creates the inner inspiration for accessing and obtaining the resources you need to realize your dreams

Many years ago, you described the benefits of networking and have been written into my heart to motivate them when a network connection occurs. I clearly remember the line zone on my list, which states: "Ferdinand, networking brings you to a better place than where you are." So when a networking opportunity arises, I heard a voice screaming about you: "Ferdinand, there is a better place than where you are, bigger than you, the bigger you are. Take it and take it away!" This is what I call my networking action reminder.

To my knowledge, transfer sessions often tell participants how to avoid smuggling during networking and have to be passionate about building their network account. It works as if your network account is one of your bank accounts because it really is. Always improve your network capability; the better the bill, the better and better the rewards.

As your money on your bank account pays for your bills, so your network's quality provides opportunities that guarantee you consistent business and income. Just as you ensure that your account is not charged, it will also ensure your account does not stay in sleep. Continue your account. The dividends can be life-saving.

I'm aware that one of the most important strategies for achieving life faster is to take advantage of relationships and contacts. How many people do you know? How many quality and influential people do you know? Think back to your days in your school, how many friends are in your network?

It's wonderful to say that there are people who have been involved in the same institution, but they are afraid of strangers' meetings. They may not recognize the power of such networks. The benefits of active participation in such an association can not be overemphasized. They were job seekers who became employees, while the employees were better appointed. Smart network builders have expanded their network. Thinking network builder knows that such partnerships are necessary to advance career and business.

It's amazing to find people who live for a lifetime without a single network platform that counts as a river where they are doing business and for people. I agree that some people are able to fish in several places, but how many? I often ask participants at the seminar how many network platforms die. You may need to regularly ask yourself the same question.

I remember having lunch with an aggressive network builder and said to me, "Sir, you find this funny, but I have three simple network platforms, I've always won a great reward, bets, lifts and fast food, I visit these places every day and find out I can tell you how fascinated my reasoning was because we all visited these places but without thinking of a competent network builder. Maybe the next time you find yourself in these places you may think of some networking

Because of my knowledge of networking, I could design a special rewarding approach for which he paid for me. First, I look at my lifestyle or the most important areas of my life where I need most help most times. some for a doctor, lawyer (lawyer), property (real estate consultant) and bank charges (trusted banker).

That's what I'm doing. I'm creating a network plan that I know at least 10 experts in these areas. It takes time to meet each other. I create and maintain all connections. So when I've found a challenge in every area, I'm sure I get the best advice or help at the best price – and sometimes without any price.

I know the best rates are on my bases; I get advice on how to deal with a better exchange rate and the most profitable financial investments. The legal network helps me know how to handle my legal obligations. They control me not to touch sensitive legal issues or to introduce them. The networks pay. If I want to buy a house, I'm talking about the property of my property. I know what industry is paying for a particular property; I get the best advice on when to buy or sell and how to find fantastic offers.

Sometimes my network shares useful information about me to contact you. I received free newsletters that helped millions save my customers through shared information that provided guidance to their business decisions.

The question now is how to categorize the networks? Did you get the time on the list of contacts? Segregated them in their area of ​​operation? Can you structure your expected rewards from these network groups?

Our activities are consciously or unconsciously motivated and motivated by rewards. We are willing to make sacrifices because of the rewards. If the prize is not worth it, nobody pays the price. Let me tell you that networking requires you to make sacrifices; to pay the price. Networking will make you a lot of demands. Ask your time, ask your emotions, ask your finances, demand your relationships, and demand patience.

I know it's not easy to get to a whole stranger, especially his condition, and initiate a conversation. Sometimes you will be confused, otherwise harassed. The cost of the network may be expensive. Merging associations or groups, meeting dress and financial obligations on occasion can put pressure on your finances. Networking can be time-consuming. You may have to sacrifice rest and sleep. But these are fundamental sacrifices when you need to establish relationships and establish relationships that will help you quickly follow your goals, dreams and aspirations in life.

If you are focusing on the price you want to pay and according to your needs, the tendency is very high that you give up halfway. And no one who gives up deserves the benefits of networking. But if you identify and focus on the benefits and benefits of networking when it comes to challenges, you are ready to face them. You will see demand for time, money and resources as investments rather than spending. Networker is like runways. She realizes that the only way to win the race is to concentrate on the tape, not the loops. The rifles are just the platform ladders. There would be no competition without the dam; there would be no coin without the competition. There would be no charge without the price.

So motivation is the prize. If the crown is not worth it, no one will go to the cross. What are Network Benefits, Benefits and Charges? Now let's look at some of the reasons why it is so important to gain and utilize the skills of professional network builders and why it's so important for you to improve your networking skills. [1] 1959: Experiences of Other People

The first benefit or reward of business and social networks is that networking leads to the knowledge and experience of other people. Because of networking, people and groups are connected to each other with different backgrounds and experiences. So here's a couple of years in your career that are related to people who invest three-quarters of their lives in education and working in different places.

These years of experience can be connected and drawn together by connecting them. You can share your own experiences with those who can benefit from them. Ideas move freely during networking. Information is freely available in business and social networking. You are able to learn from other people's success stories and mistakes. Others can also learn from you.

Networking creates a large amount of human resources that you can share with your ideas, dreams, designs, and aspirations. The two good heads they say are better than one. Imagine where you can get hundreds or thousands of good heads.

Reward 2: Huge Opportunities Open

The network exploits potential opportunities. You find yourself in the midst of potential opportunities that do not usually come at this point of your life. You have the right to join associations, clubs, gymnasiums, resident associations, religious groups, and so men and women who are old enough to be their parents. Peter Drucker once said that he was making more business decisions for lunch and dinner than anywhere else but did not give MBA courses on business and social networks.

is a large and robust network. Some Nigerian companies do not promote job opportunities and contracts. Only those people can get to know the companies. Guess who you know is the people who work on these companies. The so-called knowledge of knowing those who know it. This way you can increase your chances of gaining knowledge by increasing your number of contacts. This is what is about networking.

I'm convinced that the more you grow in your career and business, the more openings and sessions get from referrals and interest representation; not from blind research.

Reward 3. Less Hard Work

The third advantage of networking is that networking is less hard work. If you are a sales person and have a target, you have two options. One option is for you to accept the cold calling technique; to have as many doors as possible to knock, or blindly call as many people as possible, to try to see decision-makers, book appointments, present their sales presentations, start tracking, and hope some of them eventually buy from you. But this is a very tedious way of research and sales. This is called being hard, but hardly working.

The other option that is open to you as a salesperson is to meet your friends to make appointments. In other words, take advantage of the relationships that people have made over the years. Direct connections allow access to remote connections. Only business and social networks offer this platform. Networking quickly follows the sales process.

4th Reward: Where It Is Not Shaken

The fourth advantage for business and social networks is that networking has the power to rely on other people's networks. The network is unconsciously giving power to move to other people's networks. People have networked for years and have built very powerful networks into the process. – Could you refer to five people I can introduce? may lead to a positive response that will bring you into your own network. Your job will be to maintain contacts with such people and build on the network of others.

Furthermore, if you understand the principle of the relationship composition, you can expand your network and take advantage of other people's networks. Only by joining a group or association can only be used by relationships, networks, and relationships that others have acquired over the years through joining people, keeping in touch and building relationships

without me in the same high school or at university, you are not from the wall, you do not leave the estate; but only by contacting me and managing the relationship, you will begin to meet with my class and school leaders, neighbors, relatives and friends. You will also begin to make use of your contacts, contacts and references. So, if I have a successful network of people, influential women, they have the permission of the supporters and the support team after joining the network, who will be exposed to these people and will inevitably expand their network.

So you're only 35 and you met a 70 year old man; a retired senior professional or civil servant working for 35 years; helped hundreds of people in key authority positions today and built a terrific human network. Imagine the opportunity to meet this person! Participating in your network gives you the opportunity to show people who understand what value they are and who can help you in pursuit of life. Networking is a business and career acceleration strategy. My friends, you need more than yourself to save you.

Reward 5: Number of Numbers

The fifth reward for the Business and Social Network is that a good network replaces the weakness of the individual with the power of a group. Alone, I can only do little; but with others, practically everything is possible. We all know the history of the Babel Tower.

People are struggling to reach lofty dreams and ambitions because of a limited network. Even in physical exercises, you have a greater chance of practicing with others than practicing alone. In the gym, you are more likely to raise an extra KG and spend five more minutes in the threaded mill due to the motive and the challenge.

6th Reward: Break Barrier And Protocol

The sixth reward for business and social networks is that the right network gives you the power to break the obstacles and open the open doors.

A good network gives you the power to access places where you own, you can not enter. If you are a sales or business person, I'm sure you agree with me that the first hurdle to sell for sale or business is to appoint a key decision-maker. You may have a fantastic product, a great idea or a wonderful service that adds value to individuals and businesses. But unless your prospects see you, your products, ideas, and service are useless.

You may have good qualifications, great expertise, fantastic pedigree, and so on. Unless the head of staff recruitment or the leader of the company you want to see or hear about work, you will be unemployed.

There are four ways to find others, listen to your presentations, and evaluate the proposal. One of the options is to first write and send a letter / letter, then call or physically visit the place to secure a meeting or check the status of the proposal. The other option is for you to visit the company without prior notice and ask the decision-makers. The third option is for someone to provide an appointment for you and now go and appear. The last option is to manually manage the decision-maker and listen to him inside or outside the organization. My question is: what do you think you are having a better chance of hearing or listening to? I'm sure you broke between the third and fourth options. This Reward for Network Development

How many businesses lost because they could not appoint a decision-maker? How many ideas are wasted because the people you have to listen to have not listened to you? And I did not listen to you because you did not meet them. Is it possible that you are more deserving of your qualifications, experience, and competence than you are currently working on, and the more you are looking for than it is now? But will it become chained because no one can access the companies that need you? Is it possible that your ideas can solve the economic problem of the country if only the president can give the audience?

Could you be able to win Grammy awards if anyone can drive a good record label? Is it possible to play in Europe in the best team if only one of the team coaches is presented? This is the benefit of networking. The more network, value and melting of your network, the greater your chances of meeting people who open doors to you. Every door has a key, and people are holding the keys of each door. It is your responsibility and responsibility to keep in touch and make connections until you find the people who hold keys to the doors to which we want to go and those like us to open the doors to us.

Reward 7: Faster Goals and Achievements

The seventh benefit is that business and social networks can reach goals faster. For most people, the right network is the missing link between their talents, their education, their experience, their product or ideas, and the accelerated career and business success. A good network is the missing link between a fatty checkout and a greeting army

There are countless stories about people who do not and do not reach their goal because of the lack of networks that can speed them forward faster. Great networks in my opinion are business catalysts that make goals quicker. I know that many businesses were created because a dreaming man presented a network group that believed in it.

While people spend their entire lives on banks for loans to update their dreams, a network builder can never send mails to key people in their network, sell them to the idea and funds come in. [8] Reward 8: Blessing Others

Networking is a good network that can help others. How many brothers helped you to bless the job because who you know? What attracted your community to people in your network? When was the last time you phoned to save a friend from a desperate situation? These and many other great things that a good, well-oiled network can do for you.

How long do you have younger people or relatives of high quality graduates, much of their network. How long does it take to get another job when one of the functions of the network is losing its job? What attracted your community to your network? How many times did you call someone you've been hurting? If your network does not help you and others, you do not have a network or a bad network.

Reward 9: Platforms for Creating Quality Friends

The ninth advantage is that you can bring quality friends through business and social networks, provide you with real work security and give you the power to become better like yourself. Networking also increases the number and quality of the recommendations as well as the support professionals. So even if you are not there and opportunities for basic competence areas are created, there are people who talk to your network. In the meantime, it is about businesses that have tried, searched, presented, tracked, etc. But only because of interest representation these companies virtually approached and came to you. Most of the businesses and shorts I get today are from people who have heard about me in my network. So Networking is the Business Acceleration Strategy

10th Reward: Helps Monitor and Valuate Your Way of Life

The tenth advantage of business and social networks is that you can evaluate the direction of your life by looking at the network. Do your friends and colleagues often complain about the obstacles they face in their lives? Do you often gossip about other people? They blame themselves for themselves, just for their own lives? If these are the people you spend in your time, then you are naturally in a bad network. When he starts the network, he begins to meet people who think differently and talk about their current friends.

Networking helps increase your chances of meeting with people who take responsibility for their situation; who are seeking solutions, no problems, and who are ambitious and determined. People who face the same challenges but have a positive mindset. If you encounter such people, you are challenging to discard the self-restricting beliefs your negative friends have stunned your mind. The more networks you use, the more people you meet with different idioscopes, beliefs, values, and ambitions. They help you evaluate yourself and your friends. Those limited to just a few friends and groups will lose the benefits of networking.

If most of our friends did not build or buy their own house, then you think it's okay that you did not build yours. If most of your friends have problems with their relationship, you think that norms have a problem; if most of your friends do not meet their purpose at your workplace, you would think that this is a comprehensive situation. But when it starts expanding the network, it begins to meet the age or the younger people who gain their own home; you will meet with those who enjoy their relationships; there are people in the same industry who meet and exceed their goals. Please note this point. The tree destroys the tree. Only iron irones the finished iron

No wonder Sandra Renaux stated: "Linking motivated minds can be a powerful force that creates desirable results, so seek yourselves with the best possible effects while striving for constant and never for a never-ending improvement. "

Reward 11: Do you like the man in the mirror?

The business and social network has eleven advantages of networking mirror on the wall for you. When you look in the mirror, the image you see reflects in the mirror the people you spend the most time. At this point, let me give you this advice on how to allocate your network. We strongly suggest that 50% of your friends, those who spend most of your time on the network, and those who are better and more successful with you. They will be the ones who have achieved the most that they want in life. Next, your friends and 30% of your network must have the same level with you. And for those who have spent the most time, only 20% of them are the ones who are better.

You see, if you spend most of your time with people who are better than when we look at the mirror, we tend to think you're doing well. If you spend most of your time with people of the same level, you think that everyone has the same challenges they face. You think everybody is like you.

However, if you spend more time with people who are better than you when you look in the mirror you will see what you can change. And that is because people are doing better than they are directly or indirectly challenging and motivating. If you spend more time with people than you are starting to see how human they are, but how successful they are. Let's start learning the principles of success. See how and why it excels. So you can tell if these people can do it, then I can succeed if I'm willing to pay the price. Long before they get the traits and habits of successful people.

Reward 12: Power to Be Bigger Than You

I remember a few years ago when a millionaire financial expert who liked me. Tartottam a kapcsolatot, biztosítva, hogy heti szöveges üzeneteket küldjek neki. Meglepő módon egy napra meghívott engem ebédelni a milliomos barátaival. Nem hívtam meg magamnak a meghívást. Készen álltam. Az alkalomra öltözött. A névjegyem volt velem. Nem volt pénzem, de volt tervem. Amikor megérkeztünk az ebéd helyszínére (wow, milyen hely!) És leültünk, bevezetett. A legnagyobb meglepetésemre bejelentette: "Srácok, ismerkedj meg a milliomos barátommal, Ferdinándel." Még nem voltam milliomos. Csak egy férfi voltam milliós gondolkodással. Kezet fogtam ezekkel az emberekkel, és cseréltünk kártyákat. Ez az esemény nagyobbat tett magának. Azóta barátok maradtunk és milliókat érdemeltem velük.

Jutalom 13. Egy jó hálózat képes Önnek valódi munkabiztonságot biztosítani

Néhány évvel ezelőtt dolgozott a bank volt az ügy, és a bankárok úgy érezték, hogy biztonságuk van. Manapság sok ember, aki ilyen "tekintélyes" munkahelyre támaszkodott, elvesztette pozícióját a bérszámfejtésben, míg azok, akik a munkahelyüket hálózatukra használják, új helyeken folytatták munkájukat. Tehát egy másik dolog, amit a megfelelő hálózat tehet az Ön számára, az, hogy képes Önnek valódi biztonságot nyújtani.

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