It's been pretty good over the years that I sold on eBay, dealing with angry or negative e-mails. Last time I sent the usual "Thank you for your business, fast pay, the item is on the way and I have to arrive within 2-3 weeks." Honestly, how long does it take to receive the item and I

Here comes the angry email. "2-3 weeks, how do you send, pony express?"

What did I do wrong? Why did I deserve that gentleman? I said honest, honest and polite … 19659002] My initial reactions were the same as most people, anger, of course I was angry at this guy, and I would have responded by angry email, but he said calmly rather it should be directed to the postal delivery order.

Of course, I have no idea whether you figured it was wrong, but what would have been if I got back to him as many people would not?

Would have come back to me for a negative e-mail, or maybe you could contact eBay with the rough vendor, he would have left a negative feedback.

Of course, none of these things happened. This is mostly because I was cool and intelligent, and I did not allow emotions to be better than me.

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