With the spread and popularity of social networking sites today, security becomes a major concern. This includes people of all ages, not just children. If you are participating in the social network, you can potentially discover a lot of your life and personal information on the web. Before you know that information is in the wrong hands, it is imperative to find out how to protect yourself right away.

First of all, one of the most important steps to protect you is to keep all your passwords safe. Passwords can never be shared with anyone and they must be different from the site to the site. No such site can ask for your password, so do not believe any false email or message. Keep your password private, do not share and report those who ask for it.

Choosing the right password will help you protect yourself. Too many people use short, simple passwords that are easy to figure out. For example, your name or something similar to "password" is a disaster recipe. You should always try to insert both letters and numbers, and even a special character, if possible. The longer your password, with several variations, the less likely it will be hacked and discovered.

Password protection is one of the most important elements of online security, while social networks, but many other important factors. As mentioned earlier, when he participates in these venues, he leaves the world alone. This means you have to pay particular attention to the fact that it only includes what you are comfortable sharing with everyone. Private photos quickly get to the public view and people share it with them, send them to other places and so on.

Everyone from schools to potential employers checks on Facebook and MySpace sites to see what people are doing. Even an awkward or inappropriate picture or comment may return to the temptation. Do not think that something like a private one is doing the job and does not believe that no one will look for time. People will look and find everything.

This is a threat to social networks, so make sure that whatever you publish, say or receive, everyone can feel good to see and know. There are already too many horror stories about people who were fired from a job, hung up in a school, or turned to an open position because they found out about them on the Internet.

Social networking sites have been a valuable tool to keep in touch with friends and family, meeting new people, and more. However, in addition to popularity, there are some well-known risks. Choose a strong password and keep it for yourself and make sure you take care of what you publish and say online. With these simple steps you can ensure your own security and enjoy a better Internet experience.

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