I really believe that everywhere in the world every single person has potentially only five or six contact steps . This is five or six grades for separation & # 39; shows that the total population of more than five billion still is very accessible.

For practical purposes, however, there is no need to meet millions or even thousands of people in different organizations, age groups, religions, professions, cultures, or places. We only develop a network that provides us with additional business.

Ideally, we need a filtering or research system that will help us build high-quality relationships or a strong network that can efficiently and effectively locate people and resources. The first step in the filtering process is to determine what kind of relationships or relationships you are valuable or useful to you (or what part of your organization). This is not contrary to the idea that networking is primarily about donation, but suggests that certain relationships in the long term represent a much more valuable value for both parties, carefully thought out. Only you can define this & # 39; value .

You may already know or close to someone who is very strong or influential, but does not profit from the association. On the other hand, you can find someone on the street where you live, who can bring great benefits if you want to contact them. All you need to know is what you want to achieve for a rational evaluation.

Network Pyramid

When you start widening your network connection, you quickly discover that you have a pyramid or hierarchy in all possible relationships between depth or quality.

Pyramid levels

The pyramid is based on the so-called suspect . These are the people who seem open to an approach that provides support. (remembering my previous opinion and reciprocity).

It's usually better to know more about the suspects before we personally approach it. Many people are often badly identified and randomly selected. Only a few suspects (if we look at it) will get to the next degree of probability. ###

Prospects are people whose research reinforces effective networking criteria and are generally accessible personally. Again, the initial conversation shows that not all possible views are correctly identified. However, the number of people on this level is less, and you may be more patient when you give the answer time.

Contacts are the prospects for whom support and advice has been provided or which assistance or guidance has been requested one or more times. At this stage, you may only find small opportunities to call, talk, or interact with each other, but we can do more.

Advocates are relationships that openly promote or promote the benefits of network (especially relationships with you) with other potential and connectivity. Although this does not necessarily mean frequent connections, it is likely to be more frequent than the general contact point in the network.

Partners are the best and most powerful network builders that you know and who are most often referred to as chats, advice, ideas, or opportunities. At this stage, the relationship generally has a much greater mutual trust and understanding.

Finding Potentials for a Pyramid

If you want to start suspecting on the pyramid, a good starting point is to read the possibilities much more widely.

This means that you are widespread warning about the many networking options that may occur every day. Many of these features will appear in newspapers, magazines, bulletin boards, ads, the Internet and many more.

Increased vigilance will only matter if you do not think well of what you are looking for. There is no connection for networking. To some extent, this depends on personal personal networking goals and goals.


o Increasing Market Share / Customers

o Finding New Ideas

o Finding and Developing Your Own

o Finding Jobs / Finding Jobs / Careers

o Finding New Collections / Friends [19659002] o Hobbies or interests

o Achieve a new perspective on topics that interest you

Different Types of Networks

Each network goal is a worthy goal, but this is usually the case one or two of these types of targets are used simultaneously. Consequently, its networked research efforts will be devoted entirely differently if its goals are largely around the workplace or career opportunities rather than when they are about to start their business.

Here, though some people have a wide variety of diverse interests and interesting relationships, our networking pyramids have been built according to specific goals and interests. We often talk about a job network from a small business network from an educational network and so on.

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