Only follow the steps of the above hotel booking letter structure and do not have to cause unexpected problems

Before You Begin:

Hotel booking may change in font style but only make sure the necessary information is made to make sure they do not arrive misunderstandings or disappointments upon arrival.

Each specific data must be in a separate paragraph. This makes it easier to read.

Keep short and sweet (not essay), and remember the following information:

1. Open (Example):

Dear Sir / Madam!

My name is (your name) and I would like to book a (room type) room in the hotel (number) for nights. Dates and times: (important)

We arrive (date including seven days) approx. (Time). The day (the date, including the day of the week) will be in the (time) time.

Notes: – Set the time and approximate time of arrival and departure, as it will help the staff know which guest will be prepared for the first time so the waiting time of the room is minimized.

– It's always a good idea to describe how many nights you're in parentheses. This is a good way for reservation staff to double check the duration of their stay as hotels count their nights and not billing days.

– Remember, even if you arrive at 2 o'clock in the morning, it counts at night and you rarely have the right to stay in your room until 12 o'clock on day of departure.

3rd Number of people: (important)

How many adults? How many kids? (always including the age of children)

4. Room type (s) and most favorable locations:

Single, double, suites, ground floor, top floor, with sea view etc.

5th Dining options: (important)

Private accommodation / breakfast / half board / full board / all inclusive

Note: things like all-inclusive and available for each type of service from a hotel or Depending on your country depending on your country (you can learn to avoid frustration before booking)

6. Special Needs / Wishes: (optional)

Some people may have a health condition that requires special attention (migraine patients are likely to have a quiet room, such as away from entertainments). Business people / bedrooms need an internet connection while others have a special preference (sea view, rooms upstairs, etc.).

Note: It is obvious that people with health conditions should be given more importance than other preferences if the hotel is fully occupied, so do not be surprised if you can not only if you do not have the option and expressly paid.

7th Facilities: (depending on the hotel)

If you need special facilities (sauna, whirlpool, etc.) before you can use them, you can do this in advance to avoid waiting.

Specifically your phone number, your mobile phone, and / or your fax number.

* The most important thing to remember is to mention the above important information and to keep the hotel booking letters. The hotel staff likes this and helps to avoid confusion. You can use bullet text to display information.

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