Your relationship probably sent hundreds of emails to your friend. But what happens after two break up? Do you completely cripple these relationships, or is there any way to contact the email that can regain your ex-friend?

First, if you've decided to try to fix the breakup, surely not alone. Thousands of couples return each other every day, mostly because they miss each other. So before you even consider sending an email to your ex-boyfriend, you know that spending time is always a good thing for the first time.

Never Be the First E-Mail

Your contact is made up of your ex-friend email, you are in a disadvantageous situation. You sent the message that you are too shy or you do not want to call, and it's a bit cowardly. E-mail, albeit useful, is always something you want to avoid while the ex does not contact you. And even if we have a real cause.

Do not Defeat Your Intentions through Email

Another big problem with using e-mail after your friend breaks up with you: no reference to your voice. It's very easy to misinterpret or misinterpret what it says and vice versa. This can lead to problems or arguments, and this is not something that is very helpful in bringing your arm back on you.

Furthermore, as you want to win back your friend, you will naturally look for signs or signs that the ex still loves you . It is easy to record them during a conversation or a personal conversation (especially through body language), but it is easier to determine by e-mail or text messaging. Do not let my desire make the best of you here and say or do something that will scare the ex boyfriend.

Do not bombard your ex-mail with emails

Emails are fast, easy and fast. It's easy to catch too many of them. If your friend has dropped you, you are still likely to be quite embarrassed by yourself. In the beginning, you can avoid talking or sending an email to the ex where you have a strange or strange feeling around you.

Even after you had a few conversations, you still should not send your ex-boyfriend an email where he will be uncomfortable. The ex can not be obliged to respond to you and you do not feel like listening to it in a day or two. In short, do not feel the hopes – and do not wait too soon. There is a need for time to reverse the disruption, and rare, occasionally occurring e-mail conversations are only a small part of the larger picture.

How to know if your ex-boyfriend still feels you

to check your ex-boyfriend or ask the answers. Understand that even after breaking away with you, the ex will continue to have emotional attachments and feelings for you. There are ways to play these emotional bonds and use their true feelings for you to use outside of the e-mail. Knowing these reclosing techniques can help you distinguish between losing your friend or a day that will reveal him.

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