This article describes how the user can block emails from the sender in the Microsoft Outlook 2010 account. The methods set up here are simple and reliable until the date. However, it is advisable to follow the instructions carefully to avoid problems. This will ultimately save users the time and money they would otherwise spend on searching for Microsoft Outlook support.

It's more than annoying for us to get emails from unwanted users and we often think about blocking them. Most users who are good on your PC can easily pinch unwanted users. However, those who do not know are often in danger. Do not worry! The following guide will help the sender in the blacklist with whom you do not want to receive your own emails and without the help of Microsoft technical support.

First Method – [19659002] Starting Outlook. Click the Home tab in the top tab, click the Junk button in the drop-down menu and select Anti-Spam Settings.

When the Spam Settings window opens, select the Blocked Senders tab. click Add and it opens the Add Address or Domain dialog box. Now enter the email address of the targeted sender whose blacklist you want, and then click OK. Eg: disable it, enter it in the box, and then click OK to exit the window. Similarly, you can also deny a domain name. Doing so will not receive email from the sender or domain name in your Outlook mailbox.

Second Method –

Open Outlook and navigate to the Inbox. Select the specific email you want to block the blocker and click the Home tab. Click the drop-down menu next to Junk, then select Block sender. If prompted, click OK. This prevents the sender from sending e-mail messages.

Third Method –

You can disable the sender in your online email account. For example, there is a Hotmail account setting in Outlook 2010. Open your Internet browser and open the Hotmail web site. Sign in to your email account, click Settings in the top right corner, and then click More Options. This opens the Hotmail Preferences window. On the right, under the Preventive junk email heading, click the Safe and Blocked Senders link. Click the Blocked senders link to continue. Type the sender's email address in the Blocked Email Address or Domain box, and then click Add to List. This includes the email address in the Blocked senders list. Exit the email account and close the browser. Receiving messages in Outlook can not be accessed the next time.

If you want to block the sender from blocking, look for the same page in your Hotmail settings, enter the email address, and then click the Remove From List button. You will receive new emails from the sender. If you have another email account like Yahoo !, AOL, Gmail, etc., Check your site for blocking a particular sender online.

Additional Tips:

You can also create rules in Outlook 2010 to send messages as unwanted senders and prioritize emails.

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