This is a fun marketing tool that many serious internet business visitors are missing from social networks. There are many such sites – Wikipedia has more than 100 listings, the largest of them being MySpace 246 million and Facebook (only!) With 124 million members. Each one is different in detail, including topic, geographical emphasis, etc. – this article focuses primarily on the features of Facebook that are particularly suitable for marketing, but the principles are similar to everyone. Social networking sites are a great way to share your stuff with others and build valuable relationships. And since good business is based on credibility and trust, social networking sites are the best friends to build a truly serious internet business while at the same time entertaining!

Social networking is really an internet phenomenon – use your own imagination to figure out how many potential customers you can find in millions of international memberships. This has a simple reason – they are FUN. And your business can lead this wave. A serious Internet business can not ignore this cute opportunity to create and maintain a customer base and to promote and enhance the profile of the services it offers. It's an ideal way to get joyful customers to post a message and to create a positive relationship with potential customers that can then easily lead to sales.

Social networking websites provide a contact list for everyone present and potential future customers, providing a simple way to market directly for "hot prospects". Simply updating your profile (for example, news updates or new products) can be automatically forwarded to this list.

Nobody wants to sell hard. Many entrepreneurs do not realize that a serious internet business is best built with "soft" tools – building personal relationships, promoting trust by betraying things or helping others find useful resources that do nothing they do. The more you can convince someone to understand them and your problems, the more likely they are to find solutions. Social networking sites provide the ideal Internet media and can fit comfortably beside "sales" messages when trust and personal relationships are established. And most importantly – if customer experience is to deal with you, FUN, business benefits follow!

Summing up the key contribution that social networking sites are able to create a serious online business:

Trust. The traditional idea of ​​advertising is to create trust for a product – this can be very difficult for a "small business" in the web environment (but it is very effective if we reach Amazon). However, social networking websites provide confidence to the most important part of your business – YOU. Once this is done, all the products that you belong to have a built-in competitive advantage.

Visibility. The nature of the search engines means that the more presence (and link) the more the social networks are, the more they attract the right type of attention from the search engines. Of course, your profile is directly related to your Internet business.

appeal. Let's face it, no business will like it all – you want to see not only general visibility, but also want to be interested in those you care about. You can only search for contacts with the right people for your business – but do not forget that the most unlikely people have only their own contacts that are just yours. Never post anybody, build any relationship you can handle.

Feedback. Every business needs feedback – good and (in some cases, especially bad) – if it is to improve and grow. Assuming you react positively, actively and personally (rather than a "customer service" black hole), you can really turn a dissatisfied customer into enthusiasm. And social networking sites can greatly help this process if you're working with a real "human face" for your business.

Contact with customers. You can deal with your customers personally, in contrast to many "faceless" (and offline) businesses. You can talk to them directly and build a long-term relationship. Even if this does not result in a direct business relationship with them, you can be sure that the messages they provide will surely be good for business.

The only drawback is that it can take time to build and maintain quality relationships that are so important, especially as the list of contacts grows – but fortunately there is a golden key to solving the power of social networks ….

Briefly, it is possible to multiply the efficiency of social networking through websites thousands of times thanks to the power of the Internet, by recruiting and training teams who are their "affiliates", ie people whose job is to increase their sales because they only get paid if so! This is not only risk free (as it is only costly if you have more money than you are getting into your business), but it effectively means you can leave marketing for them! If all of them use social sites as described above, your profile will be high. They will not only have independent, self-promoting promotions for your business, but each one can create links that greatly enhance your profile on search engines. Affiliate Marketing is the most important way to create a serious internet business – not just social networking sites, but in a number of ways (see Resources below)

And do not forget – Have fun!

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