You can set your AOL email account in Microsoft Outlook 2010 to send / receive an email. In order to avoid encountering Microsoft Outlook problems we have provided you with this free Microsoft Outlook 2010 Support Guide. Allows you to easily set up Microsoft Outlook for your AOL mail account.


Open Outlook from the desktop shortcut or from the Start button> All Programs. Click the File tab and point to Info. You can find your existing account information under Info. To set up a new AOL email account, click Add Account. This opens the Add New Window window. In the Name box, enter your name.

Enter a valid AOL email address in the E-mail address field and password in the Password box. Click the button next to the Manually Configure Server Settings or Additional Server Types, and then click Next. Click the Internet e-mail button and press Next. For Internet e-mail settings, enter your name and email address under User Information.

In the Server Info section, click IMAP with the dropdown arrow next to the account type and fill in the incoming and outgoing server data. In the Inbox server field, enter the field "", while is in the outbound mail server (SMTP) box. Under Sign In, enter your name and email address in the appropriate boxes.

Check the Password Password field. Click the More Settings button. Select the Outgoing Server tab and check the Outgoing Server (SMTP) authentication. Click the Advanced tab and enter the & # 39; 587 & # 39; in the Outgoing Server (SMTP) box. Click OK. Returns to the Add New Account window. To try the settings before leaving the window, click Test Account Settings.

Microsoft Outlook tests your AOL account settings and responds accordingly. If testing is successful, you will receive a congratulatory message. Click OK, and then click Next, and then click Finish to save your changes and exit the Add New Account window. If the test returns an error message, click OK and then go back to the overview of the settings.

If you find spelling or setting errors, correct them. Your email address, password, incoming and outgoing server, etc. Written correctly. Also check the SMTP server port number. If you have forgotten or forgot your password, contact AOL and ask for it.

For More Information:

If you first perform Microsoft Outlook settings, the automatic wizard will be created and will prompt you to set up your email account. The AOL mail also supports the POP3 account. Before setting up Microsoft Outlook, however, confirm the AOL service. If you are having a problem that can not be solved by yourself, contact Microsoft Outlook Support .

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