So what is a computer network? From the beginning, this phrase may seem awesome, but you may have met her or even used it at home or at work. New computer networks should simply indicate that a network is a system in which two or more computers are connected to each other. This is done by people sharing things, such as information or computer hardware, such as a printer.

There are now some things you need to create a computer network. The simplest system consists of a protocol, network cards or network cards, cables, and a hub.

The protocol is a set of rules that computers must follow to "speak the same language". For example, http is a protocol. If you want to access a site accessible from a computer running on HTTP, the site you use should work on the same protocol, otherwise you will not be able to read the site.

Network cards are cards that are placed on the back or side of the computer. This allows computers to communicate with each other. The cable is simply a wire that connects computers and the brain is a device that regulates traffic, such as information that one computer sends to another.

Now this list is a list of items in the standard network. If you want to connect to a wireless network, you will need another device.

How does the computer network work? For example, suppose you send information from your desktop computer to your father's computer. The computer's NIC sends the cable through the hub. The distributor then transfers the data to your father's computer. If each unit uses the same protocol, the data will be accepted by your father's computer and will be able to open the file that you just sent.

There are two types of network: a LAN or a local area network, a WAN or a wider network.

LAN is a very easy-to-use network where all connected units are located in one place. There are two types of LAN, peer to peer and client server. A peer to peer network where two or more computers are directly connected to each other. For example, computer 1 is connected to computer 2, computer 2 is connected to computer 3, and so on. Computers depend on each other, so if a unit has problems, then the others simply can not connect to each other. The client server type is where each computer is connected to a main unit. This is more convenient because if a computer has problems, the rest will have no effect. You will still be able to exchange data.

Example of a WAN in the Internet. As you can see, this is a very large network that allows millions of users to connect.

More and more people are looking for a computer network, even at home. It Provides Greater Comfort for People and Enables Everyday Life More Effectively

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