If you load Microsoft Outlook to load emails, you will know that it is frustrating and frustrating that the program will take a long time to fully load the messages. This is a big problem that happens on many computers, but the good news is that there is a simple and effective way to increase the instantaneous load speed. Here is what to do …

There are two reasons why Microsoft Outlook takes a lot of time to load emails. In order to improve your computer and let Outlook quickly load your emails, you need to be able to resolve these two causes.

The first reason for this problem is that you received too many emails. This Windows and Outlook are extremely slow because they simply have to load enough data. To resolve this problem, wait until Outlook is fully loaded, then click on "Tools" in the top menu and then on the "Options" menu. Go to the "Other" tab and click on "Automatic archive". Make sure the "AutoArchive Every" check box is checked, and then double-tap OK. This basically means that Outlook stores all your old messages in the archives, reducing the number of incoming messages. This is the time to accelerate Outlook when you have not activated the AutoArchive setting.

Outlook can not load the second reason, which is a much less obvious problem, "in the form of registry settings." Registry settings are the settings that Windows asks for all kinds of information on your computer.In every Windows there is a large database, the "registry" where it keeps all system settings and every time you use the computer (and Outlook), you have to load 100 settings only to run it. Unfortunately, most of these settings are susceptible to damage or damage makes it difficult for the computer to read the information it needs

Damaged or corrupted settings are a big problem for Windows and Outlook because it means that all email messages, Windows, will need to keep the necessary data. order descriptor options are the most likely causes of the slow speed of Outlook, and this is a problem faced by all Windows computers. Fortunately, it's very easy to solve this problem with a registry cleaner. Registry cleaners are software programs that scan all of your computer's settings and improve the damaged or corrupted settings that are contained in it. You can download one from the Internet to use one of the tools and then put the computer down. The system will remove all corrupted settings from the system and run Windows and Outlook very quickly.

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