The death of e-mail marketing was greatly exaggerated.

I'm sure you heard conversations about postponing instant emails and increasing community media. But independent market research suggests that this is not the case. Let's see what the data means.

· 2012 ExactTarget Survey – 66% prefer the email than the # 1 marketing communication channel.

· 2012 EmailVision Study – 89.2% of marketing managers say e-mails are still important or important to the overall marketing strategy two years ago.

· The Merkle Study – 74% of online adults prefer to receive corporate email communications instead of social media, direct mail, text messages or phones.

In reality, the outlook for email marketing – with a twist – is stronger and more popular than ever. The integration of the screw. Strong Mail Marketing Trends Survey says 68% of business executives intend to integrate email marketing with social media. And marketing costs for e-mail marketing (60%) and social media (55%) show that business leaders want to pursue an integrated approach.

The New Email Marketing Strategy

The use of emails with social media, integration with search and content marketing leads to smarter e-mail marketing. As e-mail covers all parts of the shopping cycle and the licensing of champions, it's huge and effective. With opt-in, e-mails go to a target audience that is willing to accept them. E-mail encourages interactivity on its own. But with social media, search and content marketing, email marketing optimizes the results.

Integrating Email Marketing and Social Media

Social media combines prospects, customers, and businesses. Once this is done, your contacts are offline or via email or phone. Email is still the preferred method because it is fast, efficient and effective. With integration, both channels reinforce each other, as the social media informs about email marketing. Answer outlook issues on social media sites in a personal, appealing and focused way. This will deepen and broaden the social network. And nourishes the brand. Make a reference to social media centers in the email to increase your followers. We also recommend that customers tell your business by sharing your email. Integrating e-mails with social media improves efficiency as you use each channel independently.

Integrating Email Marketing with the Search Engine

Email's superiority is that it is able to handle every part of the shopping cycle. And embarrassing the licensing that replaced the marketing of interrupts. Integration with search has many benefits. The newsletter or eZines is an excellent way to expand your knowledge and raise your awareness. Adding relevant keywords to your emails will increase your prospect of finding newsletters. From search engines, you can submit multiple sites to your site if you can send newsletters to your site. Keyword-rich emails help increase the viral chances of your emails. Combining email with search requires marketing for customers. As Jay Baer says, the email is "Youtility." This helps to improve the leadership and growth of the business.

Integrating Email Marketing with Content Marketing

This is not a concept. Use the email as a content, a content provider, and how to manage conversions. First, add the email as a content. Do not write about your products and services. Instead, focus on solving customers' problems or talking about cutting-edge industry news and trends about customers. E-mail buildings are reliable with the release of relevant information. Email also serves as an efficient delivery tool. You can add value-added content such as product brochures, case studies, and videos. Finally, emails guide your landing pages to your prospects and customers. This promotes conversions. Integrating with e-mail content makes it easier for prospects and customers to access, digest, and act with published information.

E-mail Marketing Outlook

Thanks to the explosive growth of mobile devices, email marketing reaches the tipping point by 2015. Today, e-mail has many advantages, channels. Business leaders suggest e-mail marketing to integrate with other channels so that e-mails will stay here. It's obvious that your competitors think they're deciding where to spend their money.

Questions for Savvy Marketer

Does the marketing plan apply a holistic approach? Do you integrate the best practices of e-mails in your marketing efforts? Increases your leads and increases your business as much as you can? If you have no unlimited budget, consider integrating smarter email marketing and other marketing channels. If lead generation needs restart, e-mails can be a good starting point.

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