Nowadays social security is all about anger. But is it really effective for online marketing? Obviously yes! Many Internet companies that are in front of the game use a social network to increase their business networking and build larger subscriber lists.

Here's how to:

1. Log in to a social bookmarking site (or two)

Here are some popular bookmarking sites that you can subscribe to (some for sign up for): Facebook, MySpace and Friendster. My favorite is currently Facebook for ease of use

2. Start creating a friendly list

Start by adding your friends to your list of interests that are similar to yours or your booth. If you want a larger network, make a bigger list of friends! Always keep adding friends to your network extension.

3. Creating a Connection

It is possible to compile a list of your general contacts and one of your business contacts. Business relationships include JV partners and associates with whom you are in business relationship. Begin Developing Mutually Beneficial Connections

4. Contacting Your Friends

Leave your friends list of developments on your site through bulletines or FunWall posts (great Facebook service). You can refresh them from new posts in your blog, newly created videos, or new subscribers. Always get acquainted with your friends on your opt-in page, where you make your list.

Social networking is a great way to generate a list and generate sales when you do the right job. So go there and start networking!

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