When I first heard about the community at 6, I was shocked. Why would a six-year-old boy with so many friends on the street and another class need more friends? And this is also on the Internet! But I made a visit to a famous community site for kids and all my concerns.

I figured that the kid needs the online community like us, and good social networks are just safe for kids. These sites are completely safe and are the perfect platform for the child to express. You will now have fun on the site and just love to upload all your images to your profile.

I also recognized that adults would not be allowed to register, which gave me the relief of having your child with other innocent beings like him. He is now working with his old friends and one day I saw him discussing his science project online. It was a sigh of relief. He also managed to make friends with other children in Malaysia and others in Denmark. It's good that this site gives students a learning experience.

And of course, entertaining parts should not be put aside. It plays games, shares opinions on movies and books, and so on. Mine I've never known is much more. This online community brought the confident young man into it. Safe, playful and most of all Trey just loves, so all is good. Social networks [http://www.childrensvalley.com/] are doing a good job for children to open their personality.

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