Twitter has to be used as a social networking tool for businesses. This is not a place where you can create marketable images for your business or products / services. This is because it is a social tool where people want to create a community. Not everyone has the right idea of ​​what Twitter is and is constantly tweeting about businesses. I will continue to explain.

For some reason, Tweeps believes that since they opened their Twitter accounts to begin corporate social networking, it offers an opportunity to rediscover their followers to their place of sale. Whatever it may be; a variety of different products that make it easier for your internet business; all kinds of network marketing businesses; Everything about Internet Business. You call this and find some businessman's tweets.

What's wrong with this scenario? The problem with an account that is a business level after another is to leave social networks completely and concentrate only on business. People do not recognize you when you manage your Twitter account as described above. Think about what your followers know if all you do is supporting businesses; they know nothing about themselves, just about the fact that they want to sell something and that is not social networking. Is this the message we send to people?

It may be a surprise to behave, but people do not seek to sell anything. When they first decide to follow them, they do not necessarily expect to find a sales pitch one by one; they follow the people because they want to know something that is the whole point of the social network of businesses. If people get to know it, they will start trusting you and then be interested in what they sell. It is true that they are in business with their account, which is primarily on social networking sites, but this is not the main topic of your interest.

Other things you want to avoid because they prevent people from knowing that they are quotes. For accounts where Tweeps use Twitter as social networking for the business, it is likely that other people's scoring will be repeated and rewritten. These quotes are from other people and are not in the words of Twitterer; This does not help followers to get to know the Twitterer's philosophy of life. I'm happy to send you an inspirational message at a time, but that does not necessarily promote your social network in business. You may have good intentions but do not really inspire someone to buy their products; people are inspired when they show themselves up to evaluate them and find something useful to say.

Social networking is designed for business purposes to provide you with tools that make it easy for you. Social Oomph allows you to pre-schedule your tweets so you do not have to be in front of the computer screen all day long. These are the products that people are chirping as their mark on their tracks and others. Places and quotes arrive at a specific time and come in. That is why you see the same track or quote repeatedly; Tweeter is not a real time tweeting, but a software program. This does not make you a real man to his followers. What to do yourself to make your own tweets. You may send some messages at some intervals, but most of the time you send your own tweets with your own words.

If you eliminate the bugs people use for social networking purposes, your tweets will be more interesting to your followers and will not be encouraged to follow you often. There will be a community that really communicates with each other, and when it's time to introduce our business, no one will escape.

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