Facebook and other social networking sites, I find that work with nurseries such as dating, relationships, or health.

Probably not working for "online shopping" & # 39; niche for building a profitable business and building a list of qualified friends.

But for Facebook to create great business relationships and communication. Mostly I use it for messaging because it is more reliable than e-mail as messages are not sent to the crowd or are placed in the spam folder.

But let me tell you this – Facebook and social marketing can work. I made an interview with Steve Iser, one of the most prominent social marketers and dating sites. You just have to build a huge list and make sure it's the same as your regular list. On Facebook, you have to be less promotional and more personal (talking during a conversation). If you are presenting products, you will do it as a friend showed you.

"Hey guys,

I found this website, I think it can attract people who want to lose weight this year."

This is your link here "

I do. Short newsletters or FunWall posts that are curious about curiosity. If it sounds like a snake selling man on Facebook or MySpace, it will not work. So follow the above procedure and it will not go bad. It is a fact that people are looking forward to the recommendations if you do well.

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