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The online and community network communities market approaches approximately $ 1500 million in 2009.

The development and development of social networking on an individual basis rose to $ 700 million by 2006, to $ 4000 million by 2010.

The market leader is the market share of MySpace (80.74%), Face book (10.32%) and Bebo (1.18%). This information is based on the usage category 20 of leading social networking sites on the market, which is the percentage of hits on the web site that were generated by hit-sampling of tens of millions of US users from the US. the percentage of visits within the marketplace between custom sites.

Development path –

Social networking sites grow by 47% a year, from 46.8 to 68.8 million in April 2006.

sites are the cyberspace facts; the content is relatively inexpensive for publishers.

It will create even more mainstream sites, even than real TV programs., the largest social networking site, was a staggering 367% of the number of enrolled users. The graph is also expanding and some Social Networking participants climb up; the online scene seems well defined for social networks.

Social networking that emerges accentuated develops a specific web presence that is updated by user-updated content. This promotes continuous consumer engagement and the commitment of visitors. The market share of online visits from the top 20 community sites reached 11.5 percent from February 2007, reaching 6.5 percent of all online visits.

Advertising –

Social networking is an inseparable part of the social network of society and has attracted advertisers to their rapidly evolving and demographic appeal.

Jutalmak –

Social networking ads deal with the seller's new approaches to newly- consumers.

Social networking will have many charms on all ads both online and offline

If companies get deeper into marketing attempts to fully understand the "one-on-many nature of social networks "Revenue rises, this ad tool will skip to other lines, the basic concept defines the way the ad is placed in all media, barely rNET.

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