Facebook social networking sites are aimed more at university students. But now there is a free community site that is usually only for adults, and this is FriendWise.com.

At FriendWise.com you will find normal social networking features such as myspace or Facebook, blogs, photo galleries, ads, instant messaging, pricing, and groups. But at FriendWise.com, these additional features include live chats, guessing and making polls, making quizzes and making quizzes. You can even send a disturbing sign to someone you love

If you use these features you will earn points, in return you will get more options and earn points.

Here are some great tips on online social community site FriendWise.com

Easy steps to setting up a FriendWise profile

Since FriendWise has many users and profiles, which stands out from the crowd. people will love you as your friend, listen to your ideas / comments, and mainly come back to the home page.

So, without further comment, there are steps to get more friends at FriendWise.com

1. Photos – Make sure you've selected at least two interesting, funny or attractive images for your profile. Have your own picture of yourself. If you do not have one of your own, you can use free graphics and I highly recommend animated ones. You may be able to grab something from the internet and have many available sites such as Photobucket.com.

How do you add an image to your account? In the menu bar, click MY ACCOUNT, then click the SETTINGS button and then the Profile image. then click the browse button and find the image you want to add to your main profile, then click Upload Image. The most important selector can be avatar size, which you can do on photobucket.com, just click resize and save it to your pictures.

To add more images to the Gallery, click MY ACCOUNT, then click the BILLINGS button. Just click on the image to upload and you can give it a title to your picture and place it in the category you want, then just click on the browse and find the picture you want to add, then click the Upload Picture button and it will be displayed in a few minutes, until the picture is large. It should be a site size that can be resized on photobucket.com. Every time you send the picture to the gallery, you get a point.

Here is also what you find under SUBMIT ITEMS. Writing a blog, creating a vote, and creating a quiz. You get a point for each one.

2nd Backgrounds – do not keep the original FriendWise layout – this is very simple. People like and remember the non-standard images and backgrounds, so we recommend that you go to Photobucket.com and search for a myspace background or layout, then look at all available backgrounds and layouts and choose one for your liking. Once you have found the right mouse button and save it to your computer. The application is simple. Click MY ACCOUNT, then click the SETTINGS button and then click Design your own profile. Then click the Browse button and find the backed up and uploaded files on your computer.

To see this profile, some of its profile should be made transparent. To do this, click Select color, then choose Background background color, Background head, Headers, Main element background, My data background. Now click on the "Save Profile Settings" bottom and set the Background

Click Add Colors to the next sections. Here are what you want to do with the Note background, comment text, header background, and comment header text.

Here's what you'll find under the SETTINGS. Account settings can be changed to change your password, email address, and other account information. profile Settings

Modify what you want to say on your profile. Profile image Change the profile image.

3rd Find FriendWise for newly joined users. Add to your friends. This brings great benefits – if you are between your first friend and get to know them better. Just click on BROWSE and then NEW MEMORIES.

4th Make comments to all your friends. Comments are linked back to your profile and remind people that they are there. In addition, people often see who posted the comment and visited their profile page. . You can find all the comments on the site at spacemycodes.com. You can also search for some topics at Photobucket.com.

5th Ask foreign friends to send messages – many suspect that aliens are being added as friends and will only be added if you first make a friendly presentation

. Keep your profile up-to-date. If there are no updates, people will not visit you again. If it changes, people have to go back to check the novelties. Do not let your profile become static.

7th Make sure that people on your profile tell you that a person adds you to their list if you have the same interest and you would be honored. Tell the person what person you do not need to give a lot of information, but at least summarize what kind of person you are and what interest you are.

These tips can help you find new friends

Friendwise.com has a chat client each month so you can easily meet new adult friends.

If you invite your friends and invite you to INVITE on FriendWise.com, you just need to add the email and send a message and get 5 points when you join.

If you are an adult older than 18, try FriendWise.com's community site [http://www.friendwise.com]. ]

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