We are now in the technological era, so websites such as Facebook and MySpace are extremely successful and popular sites to visit and join. Since the launch of MySpace over the past decade, several other community sites have appeared and millions of people around the world are getting into the thrill. These social sites link the world like never before. The time people spend on the web surfing these sites has never been seen. The purpose of these social networking sites is not clearly stated on the login page, but it is safely assumed that the main goal is to logically link people across the globe as never before.

However, these social networking giants have relatively little restored social skills, unknowingly of course. While the goal is to allow people to socially contact these sites, they become computer zombies and lose countless hours in front of a computer monitor. People who spend so much time through cyberspace to associate with each other have their personal social skills. It is much easier to talk to someone than the messages on your favorite social sites than personally, where you have very little time to absorb and respond to things. People rely too much on meeting people today as in the old way, in person. It is much easier to talk to someone on cyberspace than in public.

Why is this a bad thing if people are still interacting with each other? Well, when one area of ​​public communication suffers, this is the case in all areas. Not only does it lose skills to meet, interact, and maintain public conversation, but full interaction and social skills suffer. So if you have a tutorial for a classroom, you can not feel comfortable talking to your friends because they do not talk to people face-to-face. I do not blame social networking sites in unlucky social relationships. In fact, I believe that social networks, the time spent on the Internet is indispensable for a limited period of time in social skills. We need to learn to weigh the time we spend together with the time spent on the Internet with the time we spent in the world to balance a balanced social life. We need to make sure that we do not lose our humanity by interacting with each other on our software. If we can learn to balance this, we will see the spark of people's self-confidence, because they will be able to walk to someone and be free to get uncomfortable. This, in turn, causes many people to experience the life and professional life of dating people who suffer from social anxiety. When people are confident and have a good social network, we are a happier society.

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