With online social networks, your friends and family can stay online. Earlier, before the Internet became all the comprehensive tools, people came to groups in which the members were associated with some common interest or features. The idea was to physically meet other people like yourself and broaden your community. The same principle works in the online model, except it gets much faster and easier. Now you are joining a social networking site and getting to know your friends – family members, friends, and colleagues. New members joining each other invite their families, friends, and colleagues to join and invite their family, friends and colleagues to join, etc. This creates a highly interconnected network and created a community in a very short time. In the community, you may not know everyone, but an inserted text or link that is 3,000 miles away.

Lead generation and improved conversion rates for companies are the major challenge for promoting social networking. You can add your registration number to the marketing mix using social networking. Additionally, publishing links on your network pages is a painless, inexpensive and fast process.


I recently went to a pub-crawl that is unique, fun and a great opportunity to meet new people. This mapping was open to everyone from tourists to locals. The mapping company did not do much to the public. No television or radio ads have been created and no ads or articles have been published in a newspaper or magazine. Despite the lack of publicity, they reach the maximum event limit for days. What the company did – published a brief note announcing the crawl on your site, and each employee published a comment or a beep for a link that returned the web page to your social network. For example, they used websites such as Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Wait a minute. Before the skeptics get tired of being friends and families only; which means that family gatherings are not events; let me clarify. Yes, I'm sure some of the participants were the organizers' family and friends, but most of the participants were people who stumbled on the link. People who are friends of friends who have seen the beeps and members of the community. & # 39; fans & # 39; who previously participated in the event organized by the organizer.

The story is moral, social networks can help create qualified clients. What are you losing?

So here are some Social Networking marketing strategies that can increase the number of participants in your event:

Increase awareness by publishing social network account events: Social networking sites contain huge user databases, for example, Facebook has 101 million users . By publishing details about your event in your account, you can increase your attention to your event. If you can add an event link to your post or tweet, you can also direct traffic (people interested) to your site. In addition, the generated traffic will be more relevant than what typical ads are receiving.

Publish Events for Different Social Network Accounts: People connect to network accounts, just as they choose TV. Style, usability, attitude and brand are created. To create awareness among different types of personality, you need to provide details, comments or tweets about your event on multiple social sites. Do not forget to start commenting and tweeting to get the maximum possible exposure

LinkedIn and Facebook also have special "Events" sections in which everyone who's connected with you is informed and people outside the group can see them keyword search course.

In summary, adding social networking to your marketing mix can be a reality for you and your company. Allows you to build your brand, generate events, make direct sales on your website, and increase your attendance.

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