In North New Jersey, there is a subcontractor who has used a huge, yet easy-to-implement way of opening new, new relationships. You always choose five people to contact you and send them a fruit basket. Now, the "subcontractor" and "New Jersey" can bring "macho" personality, so a fruit basket can be a bit away. However, in a few days the phone rings: – What about the fruit basket? Good laughter is shared and "voila" creates a new customer relationship.

Relationships with people – especially people who are willing to talk with you on behalf of others – create a sense of trust that mass media or social media can not reach. That is why it is vital for ambitious small business owners, entrepreneurs, or specialists to always strengthen relationships that support good grammar and growth. But sometimes life and business get lost, and relationships and relationships can be lost in the mix. The question comes, "How can I connect with people to maintain such relationships and preserve their interest?"

The practice of "giving away" without waiting anything is still refreshing and surprising, though not particularly new. However, these days the concentration on the bottom line may be so short-sighted that the thought of removing anything from the warning bells, accompanied by restless nights. But you do not have to be a mere drop of nightmare. Now that we are doing well in the information age, more easily than ever, we would do something kind, if we did not do it. And this practice can cost you a lot of time for new clients and generosity attracted by references.

Take a look at the following 10 suggestions that give themselves to: 1. A thoughtful emotion – Does your contact just lost your corporate softball game? First they had $ 25 trunks? Take a moment for a little research and respond accordingly to two or three support lines, congratulations, empathy, etc. There is a long way to reform the bonds.

2. Greeting Card – Stay away from the amazing e-cards that are only marginally better than spam. Nothing loses a physical piece of personal correspondence. It is a dying art that really stands out.

3. Interesting article – Is the difference between you and spammers who are spamming your spam? Customize. Read an article thoroughly and summarize it in the email. Not only will this save his contact time, but a summary, along with his own words, conveys his intelligence, thought, and perspective.

4. Calling for an Event or a Fun Activity – Although it is better to invite someone to be a guest, you do not have to go to the event yourself. Just make sure the event is appropriate for the suggestion.

5. Introduction or Introduction – Do you know how good it is when you hear someone gave you a potential customer? Pay in advance! The gift of potential customers or the introduction of an influx center can go a long way in building a good will.

6. A site that you think can help you – If you know your relationship is valued by good resources, do some work for them. Even if you've seen the web site, you'll notice that you are offering the effort.

7. A Good Book – Let's face it: There's nothing like a good book. Select one of your favorites and share it!

8. A Fruit Basket – Yes, that's a little money. But very few will refuse a beautifully prepared meal. Do you have a relationship with a sweet tooth? Try Chocolate

9. Simple, Honest "How do you do it?" And / or "What can I do to help?" – As interesting and selfless the intentions are two of the best ingredients in the successful recipe. Interest is not disputed, often facilitates the feel of the other person, and even if the answer is, "Thank you for offering it, but I'm fine at the moment," probably, they remind you when they need something.

10. You – Offer a teleseminar or conference call to contact staff or colleges. You can present invaluable wisdom and / or answer questions that make a difference.

If these suggestions have created some more ideas, do not be afraid to use them. This list is not a "all-end all" but a kind of creative thinking. Heaven is the limit. If the spirit of generosity moves, make every week "make something special for 3-5 people". A little effort and thought goes a long way.

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