How many times did you get in the fear of the frozen power mixer entrance? "A root canal would be easier than this," he tells himself. After talking a little bit with strangers, with interesting and charming attempts, it's not the idea of ​​your fort or your good time. But you think that if you finish this for just an hour, you can have some valuable new connections. The reality is that the inconvenience often results in negative results and does not overcome the new relationships you thought. [19] In the 1930s, Swiss psychologist Carl Jung called the introverted term as someone who shows how to find his psychological energy … in the world of thinking, perception, and thinking. This inward focusing may tend to retreat and maintain a safe distance, especially among new people.

In the world of networking, introverters are faced with a long list of terrible challenges, the least of which are non-verbal messages that can be interpreted as misconceptions. And "aloof" is not a good message when it comes to mixing, mixing and promoting new relationships.

The card introverted (as defined by Jung) I worked out guidelines that always worked well and made it possible for me to be confident and outgoing at network events. Practice these and soon become the mixer master:

1. Create a plan for each event: "Winging" never works in introverting because spontaneity is usually not a force. So a plan can greatly increase your confidence.

o Take part in pre-work. Think about who's out there and who you want to meet.

o Prepare a list of goals before leaving the house – how many new relationships do you want tonight to do? How will you approach them? Prepare for "little talk" by reviewing current events in your mind; consider the most recently read books, the movies you've seen or have heard interesting stories – always in good spirits and filling stuffs.

2nd Enter the Room with a Goal and a Plan: Most people feel uncomfortable at the first moments when we are going to a network event, especially if we do not know anyone.

o First, think of positive, powerful thoughts: "I am energetic, confident and successful, I will meet tonight (3, 5, 10) people who can be useful to me or others in my network." By thinking and showing positive situations, your energy is attracting you to others; this is the law of nature!

o If you do not have a greeting to feel more comfortable, wait a moment to stand at the entrance and review the room (as if looking for someone …). Be aware of body language; do not fall asleep or do not try to disappear in the wooden building, but give the authority. Suppose you are the king or queen who gives you the big entrance, and body language will say that you are confident and approachable.

o When you enter, get the land and look at three things: (a) the buffet, (b) the bar and / or (c) someone who sits alone or alone. Pick one of your targets, so if you walk through the room, you have a goal and not a mess around the corner.

(a) The buffet is always a good place to meet people. Make a mental note something interesting and just "think aloud" to the person next to it. "An incredible ice statue," you could make notes. Or: "Wow, I did not know the shrimp was of this size!" He has to react in some way and follow: "Is this your first _____ event?" The conversation is easy to flow from here.

(b) The same thing in the bar – While waiting during a conversation "Wow … this looks like a big event;

(c) Having a meal or drink in his hand (only one hand occupy, shake a man freely)
approaching the person sitting alone and smilingly says, "Mind if I join?" 3. Ask questions, listen to me and do not worry about the most exhilarating and most pristine people of the greatest students : Listening provides benefits to unexpected potential customers or job opportunities.

o Ask your business, hobbies, family, city of origin, etc. It is very likely that you will never need to be in this conversation somewhere and will be able to to help find the answer or resource.

o Armed with information, you can say, "Oh! So your brother is looking for a home in the neighborhood? I know it's great (realtor, gardener, plumber). "

o By asking you to trust in you and feel unconsciously necessarily sending you business or resources.] Once we introduce the simple principles of approach design, we examine the topics of conversation and concentrate attention on other people only in network situations we are more comfortable, but we can find the life of the party itself

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