What is your real estate plan for 2011? If the first thing you thought was "Well, hopefully market conditions make it a good year", it's time to re-evaluate how it approaches your career. If it is a proven gaming experience, success is much easier. And that's what this month is about. It is about taking into account what you know, using your resources as fully as possible and things are going to happen instead of waiting for market conditions to dictate success.

If you're serious about success, this article will do everything for 2011. But do not forget – the plan is not a plan, unless it's been written down, so start playing the game plan. Then follow the comprehensive annual marketing plan you've mapped out. Your own plan may vary based on your budget, available areas, and other factors, but try to follow it as closely as possible.

After mapping your game plan, this guide should be in the following year. It is worth reviewing it quarterly and presenting progress.

The common problem is that agents do not anticipate their marketing and then their marketing suffers when they are working with a bullet-control method that is not focused and consistent. Agents work too often in a business-minded mentality – "It was a bad month, I'm better doing marketing." This approach is ineffective and complete waste of money. You need to break the business out of business and develop a long-term plan to expand your business. This is exactly what the game plan is about – make a plan and stick to a whole year so that all your marketing money work together to show unified images.

Develop the mix

The first step towards a successful 2011 is how it will spread its marketing message. Virtually unlimited combinations of different channels are available. Analyze which marketing methods will be most effective for you. If you're not sure about it, this article offers you many options.

Your lifelong marketing plan should be tailored to the following aspects of personal marketing: Online Marketing, Social Networking and Emails in Agriculture, Direct Mailing, Strategic Networking, Advertising and Public Relations

the basics

No matter what combination you choose, make sure your plan requires ongoing communication with the PSA, the sphere of influence, and all the leads – with direct mail and email management alike. This critical group provides the core of business and needs to do it before anyone else is targeted.

Let's look at the methods you will use in the marketing mix.

Sites and Email Management

You will never be surprised at how many agents still lack the proper web presence in today's Internet age. Agents shoot at their feet by choosing the cheapest option just because they can say they have a website. Many people do not have any or just rely on a small section on their company's website.

Through search engines and marketing, you must control all your traffic to your site. But this is not enough to simply show people to your site. The key to success is providing valuable content on the Internet for visitors. Do not just give them cause for the visit, but also encourage them to go back often. You want your site's experience to deliver a positive impression and deliver quality and reliability

Therefore, the annual marketing game plan should be scheduled to upload new content to your site. These activities should be deliberately scheduled and implemented. The beauty is that constantly adding new content to your site not only delivers visitors multiple times but also increases the search engine rankings. The more time-consuming and relevant information you can communicate on your site, the greater the business your website generates.

Your site should also demonstrate the value it offers to its customers, free special reports, and other opt-in opportunities. For the 2011 gaming design, focus should be on increasing opt-ins and expanding the email database. The larger your email database, the more you can take advantage of this huge and virtually free method that generates more leads and increases the bottom line.

Social Media Integration

Community media has grown up and transformed "the things kids do" as an indispensable element of business. From a marketing point of view, it's great to have strong tracking on Twitter, build Facebook and LinkedIn relationships, and become a reliable source for valuable information through the personal blog. The 2011 gaming plan should include the time period that is specifically reserved to improve and exploit these and all emerging social networking opportunities.

This not only means "different" but really uses them for you. Create yourself as a local property market mandate with up-to-date, market-based updates through various social media. To maximize your efficiency, you need to determine how many entries you make within a week. Try to balance personal and professional content in your posts.

If you're not sure where to start social media and feel that you're missing out, learn this topic to avoid costly mistakes. 19659002] Direct Mail

It is currently an outstanding opportunity for you to have a great impression on the farm via direct mail. By following the consistent email plan and continuously providing new content to homeowners in your correspondence, you can create credibility and create more leads.

It is recommended that you send letters on average three times a month to each person in the post office. So you can quickly create your name recognition and consistently maintain it. Some devices in the Direct Mailbox box should be examined as follows: • Customers

• Customers

• Former Customer Relationships

design and resist knockout decisions. Control content to your audience and market conditions, but do not let these factors encourage you to deviate from your plans. The more you reach your specific market segments with timely messages and important content, the more you will ring and the more you will see a return on your investment.

Strategic Networks and References

With the conversation that agents are "going back to the basics," and some are joining the doorknocking, we emphasize the effectiveness of strategic networking. Keep in mind that in the last sentence, the word "strategic", as there is a strategy, is the real distinction when networking is exploited.

Network management is an essential component of any holistic marketing campaign. This means that it is not a random activity, but a written plan, a written goal, and a desired result. It is easier to strategically schedule network activities to ensure maximum efficiency. Otherwise, it's too easy to tell you that it's coming into the network for a day, but that will never happen.

• Strategic networking involves the goal of issuing a number of personal brochures a month (100 good numbers), and keep yourself accountable for the goal. Answer the following questions:

• What do you leave yourself when you meet someone in network scenarios?

• How many personal brochures do you receive weekly or monthly?

• How many options are missing by not coordinating efforts on strategic networking on a regular basis?

• What will you do to provide more brochures in 2010 on a permanent basis?

comes to the recommendations, most agents look at the sky-like bonus client. This does not have to be so if you plan on coordinating efforts to get more referrals. Do not be afraid to ask your customers and influence on a regular, planned basis. Record the letters quarterly to make these important relationships prosperous.

Too often, agents do not consider these activities as part of a general marketing mix. The irony is that strategic networking and hyperlinks are powerful, inexpensive ways to create more businesses. Do not ignore this important activity next year.

Print Advertising

Unfortunately, a lot of real estate professionals think of one thing when thinking of advertising. This is certainly not what we are talking about here. We talk about personal, emotional, image-building advertising that fosters contact with the target audience.

Your advertising dollars are divided into segments, for example, "home" publications, ads in newspapers, magazines, bulletin boards, and cable TV. Each ad venue should include a line for the game plan.

You need to determine which of the categories will be most effective for reaching the target market you want to reach and focus on most advertising dollars. For this example, I've divided everything into a fairly uniform mix to get an idea of ​​a full-scale media campaign.

Of the sample prospect that I've provided, I've shared print ads in two categories: "homes" for publications and magazines. Home brochures are simply chosen because many agents are placing the majority of ads and because these publications are typically widely available in most areas.

However, do not limit your options to these publications. Take a look at publications available in all areas. Focus specifically on those that will trigger the target market. Particular attention should be paid to any publication specifically designed for a slot market or geographic area that you can manage. Do not worry if other agents do not promote certain publications. As long as you know that the publication is well-readable on the target market, you may need to sharpen it.

Television Advertising

Cable TV offers a new advertising boundary for many agents. We're not talking about home-cinema ads or the dull, "I'm the best agent" infomercials, but the actual 30 seconds of spot advertising, capturing the public's fantasy and linking it to your personal marketing campaign. 19659002] Due to the cost-effectiveness of the media, television advertising is not just for big national advertisers. As with outdoor advertising, prizes will be higher in larger metropolitan areas, but if you look at the cable provider, we guarantee you will be surprised at how cheap your purchase is.

Schedule for TV commercial time is similar to billboards and outdoor advertising, frequent airtime, and then off time. Cable Representative must be able to provide market analysis and demographic information to help you determine the best time and the best programming for your ads.

The Public Contact Plan

Incredible – Distributed but Important Part of the Marketing Mix public relations . If you've written an article about you, either from a newspaper or from a local television newsfeed, it's a powerful advertisement that you can not afford – and it's free!

But the only way to get this exposure is that you are familiar with local media, and it is therefore important to plan ahead of schedule for public relations. Publish a press release every month to the editors and reporters of the neighborhood. The timetable must include the specific subject of any press release you wish to send. Otherwise, when it's time to submit a release, you should suddenly think about a topic and write the release, and you probably will not do it because it's just too busy for that business.

Knowledge is power

Finally, you can not ignore continuous marketing. If you are serious about personal marketing, you must attend at least two personal marketing seminars each year. Not only will this come up with new ideas to keep you in the forefront of marketing, but every visit fills the batteries and engages your career. Like marketing, you need to plan these activities right now.

Your Work Plan for You

Most of the annual game plan analyzes what gives you the best results. After you finish your plan, you must stick to it as the glue. But that does not necessarily mean you are blind. You have to sit down once every quarter and analyze what's most effective and adjust the necessary adjustments. But be careful not to do it more often. You do not want to finish in "Week Plan" mode. Review your plan quarterly, then stick to it.

Implementation of the Plan

It was said that a plan is not a plan if it is not written down. Well, I could not accept more. You can not underestimate the power of the game plan sheet. This is one of the most commonly used paper for the next 12 months. Send it on the wall as a visual reminder of its progress.

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