"So your passion in reality is: taught or writing?" The head of the school interviewed me clearly during the final interview with the panel. I stopped for a while, smiled faintly and stopped again. Really, I could not give a concrete answer to such a crucial question. "Both". I decided to say in the hope of closing my self-expression and self-righteousness. "I can do both," I would repeat the answer.

And that was the primary reason why I did not get the position of university professor in this prestigious school. A few days later, when I began to analyze the consequences of my behavior, I realized that I would have to protect more than my educational ability than my willingness to write. By the way, I used the teaching of teaching subjects and not even writing a magazine.

The aforementioned scenario led to a meticulous K-12 school where I wanted to show both my passions in life. Fate has given me permission to explore my oral and written skills and pass it on to my students who can evaluate the causes and my action in the academic world. I managed to combine the unexplainable wonders of the school community's mentor and penning ideas with the management of high school students.

There are many difficulties encountered, why I chose a teacher's profession. And just like most teachers, I find it very coercive to be a direct teacher. So sometimes I may be indirectly in my approach to the orthodox query: WHY IS YOUR TEACHING?

If I put the classic question on my own, I insist on the matter on a timely basis. "I teach because it is part of the mission to share my knowledge and values ​​with my students." But is there anything in it?

If I talk more deeply, I can mention why I had to give up on the haunting job offers of the past and why I insisted on the post of a teacher. In the real scheme of things, I formed an unmistakable relationship with my students, both from the past and from the present, a kind of knitwear that is missing for me when there is summer vacations and there is no noise left in the classrooms and when empty chairs and tables are on quarterly breaks . I begin to remember her courage and stupid foals. I teach because my students grasp the fact that the real happiness of man can not be found in material wealth. Rather, in my students, I am aware of the awakening that in this life it becomes unnecessary to be soulless when you turn your back on the purpose of life.

Over the years I discovered and re-discovered the pleasures and pains of the teaching profession. There was a time when I stopped teaching, found a new lucrative profession and then I went back … just to return to the uncertainty of the situation. The cycle of insurance and confirmation cycles is that I was actually called and chosen for my second mom, elder brother and best friend of my students. God led me to the tutor's profession. Engaging with students has brought Maker closer, because I have experienced my company with my students, generosity and, above all, the true meaning of a completely human being.

When do I let me teach you? Maybe my last breath. And why did I write this piece? Because through teaching I document the great beauty and mystery of life.

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