You probably heard the phrase "the size of your network determines the size of your net asset". Now if you own an online business, you've heard that "money is on the list". He said that both online and offline entrepreneurs realize that networking is essential to maintaining long-term viability. Every successful entrepreneur who has ever come up has created a loyal network of customers and friends for the first time, creating more opportunities and influence. After all, this is not the one who matters, it's someone who knows. The Art of the Intuitive Network differs in many ways from the methods of the Traditional Network and is much more effective.

The traditional and most widely used networking method for events and business seminars is based primarily on the laws of numbers and prizes. Traditional network builders usually distribute business business cards, such as a sales person from the market, to match the sales quota with minimal human bonds. Typically, the impact of psychological pressure, which is necessary in the traditional networking behavior, is a rigid body language. Not to mention, I feel exhausted and exhausted like you … climbing to the mountain, all of which are off with a salesman's mind. While combining traditional methods produces random and sporadic results, your efforts and time requirements will be reduced to a lot as a stack of collected cards.

Intuitive networking is a fine art that builds a highly sensitive, warm, and constantly expanding rolodex in a way that creates a light, joyful, and real human relationship in the cornerstones. Its success depends on five different factors being implemented in the following order: mindset, attitude, clarity, intuitive action, and acts.

Here is an explanation of the five success factors of the Intuitive Network that you need to use to create the Golden Rolodex that enriches your life with your many imaginations.

1-Thought: Always get out of the lot of places, give and deliver it first, not the place where potential customers are sold or qualified when approaching people.

Position 2: Check your attitude to make sure it has become positive; No one wants to join a grouch except for the negative people.

3-Clarity: Be clear about your intent. What do you want to achieve before you go to an event? What are your answers and solutions?

4 Intuitive Action: Open the opportunities and make a statement about joining all the souls you want to join and the highest prizes for each party before joining the event. Then relax and continue your business without actively seeking a relationship with someone and intuitively attracting the right relationships. Listen to your heart and tell you where to go and when to act.

5-Acts of Service: When you join someone, think about how you can help him reach his goal without doing anything. Not only that this is a very useful experience, but initially new friends, later clients, and you are very likely to be alive if you consistently claim and keep in touch.

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