Networking is often seen as a valuable tool in developing media platforms. There is not always flash where champagne is followed, and everyone else is kind. While there is an art, the most important element is to be yourself. If you do something you've ever learned.

Before you start a short-term goal, if it's medium and long-term, it's even better. In the worst case, you talk to someone who can help but can not imagine what you want to achieve. Think about who knows he can help or contact someone who can. If it does not seem to be possible to contact the companies directly (more later).

Do you know anyone who did what he wanted to do? How are they doing it? Are there any people who are able to help you reach the goal or connect with someone?

There are some principles for networking that may seem like common sense, but it is worth pointing out:

Remember: People like to think they are special. Remember the names of people, what to do, what they were (whether professionally or socially) the last time you talked (or perhaps record entries after the conversations). If people thought they were caring for them, they would strain their neck.

Do not forget: Be fun, inquire, not just yourself, but with your excitement about what it is all about. It's a bi-directional conversation, even if you think it's just there to get something from them. Actively listen and hear. Also ask your business card / e-mail address / phone number. They are not required and the request seems polite and professional.

Common Ground: You may be looking for a graduate job as a runner who turns to a high-flying manufacturer, but that does not mean it has nothing to do with it. If you know a little about people before you get in touch, use this discussion. If you are in a position to help develop your progress in radio production, you are more likely to listen to the radio. Get something recently and relevant to industry, a specific program or technological development. If they are relevant to them, they think far more than they would think and enjoy the conversation on the subject.

Keep track of it, but do not pester: People are bad memories. If someone told me I'm doing something for you or getting in touch with someone, they do not assume they really do not want to. Touch again; they are more than likely forgotten!

Mutual Benefits: It is important that we do not feel like you have been willing to have a favor for you for nothing. If person A contacts B person, remember to mention A person to meet person B, give them a glorious assessment. Let's make a small network in their name. They are at this stage your only common ground. If someone contacts you, make sure you update them. This leads us in spite of the most important network device …

Thank you! : People love the gratitude. You can do so in your own success to forget that they have come. Thanks to the people and in detail about how they helped you and why they enjoy the new experience and remember you and are more than likely to be in the future.

Relationship Maintenance: Even if you do not want to please, keep in touch with the people you've helped or helped in the past. You never know when to call them again.

There are some ways to get in touch with people who are certainly more favorable than others.

The best way to meet is in a personally neutral environment. Nobody has the upper hand. They know so much about you and are really interested in real interest or motivation. Simply, if you have a relationship, ask if you remember a coffee.

Do not let the chance encounter. Place in an environment where good networking opportunities are expected. Commercial fares? Film Festivals? Contact people who are interested in their products, businesses, or production, and use it to play the leading role you feel.

Avoid the cold call. If someone is kind enough to give someone else details, ask them if you do not mind telling them that they're in touch. That means they can expect your call and they will not feel that they are shocked.

Make some research in front of you before you blindly send your CV or the same email over and over again. If you want to work on a movie and want to work from a production company you love to work, do not just call and ask for a job, or you may want to inform the CV. Make some research on the company; find out who was the most important creative force behind a project of mind that he really likes. Call the company and ask who is responsible for human resources. Write a letter to both people, explaining why you thought the project was good. Then start selling yourself. Write a short sales brief description about yourself. Wait for me to hear. Come on. Then he offers you to submit your resume, or even more to enter informal chat.

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