Email is the most commonly used application on the Internet. According to Epsilon International through the Econsultancy Blog in June 2009:

E-mail is used more regularly than social networks for personal communication. 79% of respondents use e-mail as their primary communication mode, only 10% use social networks.

E-mail has long been used as a marketing form, but if you are new to e-mail marketing, you may not be sure how to use it and what results you expect. So here are the five best uses of email marketing:

1. Newsletters

Create newsletters for the regular forwarding of existing customers and prospects. Some companies choose weekly, others choose monthly. If you really like it, you can even send them daily (as long as the content is good quality). Sending e-mail newsletters is a very effective form of communication and helps to further develop the brand. The more you keep your name and logo in front of your customers and prospects, the more likely the top of the list will be when the customer wants to buy.

Newsletters may contain a number of information – new websites added, new articles, business changes, new product families – whatever happens, as long as it means value to the person you send.

2 Promotions

Many organizations want to use email marketing to send coupons / codes or promote a special offer. Offering exclusive coupons to the mailing list is also an effective way for subscribers to increase their email marketing list. If people are already committed to your business, what better way to strengthen your relationship than with your own special offers?

3rd Event Invitation Ions

E-mail marketing is a fantastic way to promote event events. Not only can you send e-mails about customers and prospects to keep an event, you can still use emails to invite people directly. Email marketing tools are highly sophisticated and customizable, which is an invitation. This also reduces the cost of printing and posting traditional calls

4. Promoting Blog Entries

If you create a regular blog, you can use emails to promote new blog posts. Some people prefer to receive a direct email with an email address rather than directly on their site. Alternatively, you can also send a weekly or monthly email containing all your recent blog posts and use it to drive traffic to your site.

5th Business Updates / Press Releases

If you have created a new product that has been added to a new employee, or any other news, email marketing is a great way to post it to your mailing list. Using e-mail marketing, you can also send press releases to a large number of journalists.

Key Benefits of Email Marketing:

  • Speed ​​
  • Flexibility
  • Low Cost
  • Ability to Measure Results

These benefits are a useful tool for every big company. The low cost of entry means that virtually anyone can participate and start using it.

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