Time flies quickly, a few years ago people tend to communicate with landline devices, such as telephones or hammers. Today, the Internet has transformed our world beyond our imagination. People are now using desktop or portable computers not only for work but also for entertainment and communication.

The growing popularity of the web as a new communication tool is the emergence of social networking sites. These are protected websites that the audience can use to publish personal profiles, pictures, videos, music, and messages. Users of social networking sites may invite other "friends" to join the network to view and share each other's personal information.

Today, there are many community sites on popular Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Most of these sites are teenagers who just love friends and other people. However, did you know the importance of social networking sites?

first Contacting

Keeping profiles on these sites, loved ones, friends, and distant relatives does not need to call you every time so you can only keep in touch with each other. We can use to send messages, pictures and personal videos to loved ones to meet again and again. This is cheap, fast and real-time technology for everyone.

2nd Job Search

In the United States and Europe, more companies take advantage of social networking sites to get competent employees. On the other hand, applicants will take advantage of these sites to publish their CVs and credentials. This is a great tool that can give a good impression to a company. If you apply for a computer job, it would be great to maintain a personal profile.

3rd Emergency

Have you ever heard thousands of people save community pages? Twitter was a great tool for many people to send messages to thousands of affected citizens during tragedy and natural disasters. People who are looking for money collecting and donation can use Facebook or MySpace to invite generous people.

Many people see this devil's work as many. Maybe. At the same time, it must be recognized that whatever may be good or bad, depending on the intent of the person concerned. Social networking sites have shaped our world, whether they like it or not, and become an indispensable tool when used for good purposes.

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