The second most important part of your email address is the topic. This is what people are looking for, and a well thought out, smart and interesting topic helps people decide whether to open their emails or not. The subject line is one of the most important part of the promotional e-mail.

There is not enough room for the topic, so you should use the place wisely – keep it short and sober. If you can sum up the content of the email (high order!). This topic actually sells the content of the email in advance. Think of the subject line as a very small sales page! Make sure the subject immediately gets the reader's attention and intrigues them enough to open the letters. Just because someone has subscribed to your mailing list does not mean that you really open your emails.

The subject line should be absolutely necessary to open the email! They can not resist! However, you want to ensure that you do not create a misleading topic, otherwise it only annoys the reader by opening the email and identifying that there is something else found in the email. You need to create the desire and the emotions for the reader to open the email. Keep in mind that many people have simply read the subject line so that those who do not qualify will not open!

Think of the lines of objects that start with the person's first name as this makes the email more personal. All autoresponders allow the first name of the subscriber to be loaded. Then consider using the powerful words, discover, discover how to find out. Keep in mind, however, that some words will not reach spam filters, such as free, price, costs, and so on. The auto responder is likely to contain spam detection software and help you identify if your email is spam.

Another effective way is to ask a question, for example: " Are you sick or tired of your job?" "Or" Is your boss always in your case? When reading these questions, the subconscious answer is very easy. Make sure the content of the email reflects the answer or solution to the question you asked.

Of course, you can write in a style that commands the reader to do something, for example: " Do now and get this once-lifetime opportunity or" [triple and four times] which we approach in a year ". A similar topic shows the benefits of a product or service and is urgently needed.

Be creative with topic lines, but do not forget to make sure the subject line says it's related to the email body.

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