If you are running a digital marketing campaign, you need to keep track of it. Through tracking, you'll find everything you need for your campaign. Some things you'll know about:

  • Number of unique visitors per day, per week, or per month
  • Traffic source for visitors: You will know that traffic is organic, direct, or redirected. Ecological traffic is traffic from people who have visited the search engine for the search engine on the site. Direct traffic is traffic from people who write the name of your business or URL. However, the referral traffic is traffic from social media, blogs, and other resources that apply to you. Follow up to find out where your traffic is most, so you can concentrate on it.
  • The number of readers who have a daily, weekly, or monthly number: You will also be able to find out how much time each reader has spent on your site.
  • Conversion: This depends on your campaign. If you want to increase your email subscribers, you will know how many of your campaigns and people who need action are shown. If your conversion is too low, you may need to change your campaign.

Good Digital Marketing Campaign Tracking Device Features

There are many tracking tools on the market, but the two are not the same. To be easy it should be started with an easy-to-use tool. As a thumb, make sure anyone can use the device even if you have no computer knowledge. This feature is important if you are running an organization where other people are analyzing your site's development.

Another feature of the good tracking device is the reputation of the manufacturing company. To be able to believe in the device, make sure you are using a reputable company-made device. In addition, make sure that the device you are using provides all the information you care about. A good tool provides information on search engine rankings, traffic categories, traffic sources, return on investment, conversion rates, and average visits per stay.


These are key features of digital marketing campaigns, The benefits of the services to be followed when choosing a tracking tool. As mentioned above, use a device from a recognized tracking company.

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