This Little Pig refers to a young baseball player, a peewee. Here's why the little pork is quite homely, all the way home. "

The Hickory Dickory Dock comes from nine, ten, and eleven-year-old songs

The cup of rotten food comes from the old word for spooning -" spooning. "The most attractive women run away with those who

Jack finds it hard to come from the ancient art of candlelight, they see it as a fortune.

Polly put on the kettle and is a prominent rhyme that tells people that when you turn your kettle off, and should not be left to anyone else, this was part of the government campaign of 1700.

Mary Mary Quite, referred to as the silver bells, is a reference to a long forgotten plant type, but the Romans bought it but died in the Edwardian times [19659002] My son, John, who was sleeping on his trousers, actually referred to a named Puritan who started a campaign in his pajamas during sleep, as they were banned.

The Lion and the Unicorn are not fighting England and Scotland in Scotland, but fighting against Judah in Scotland during the crusades. Judas is also represented by a lion.

I guess you've guessed now that not all of these stories are true, really only one of those. The answer is the fourth. For those who thought Hickory Dickory dock was true – in fact the Hickory Dickory Dock depicts eight, nine, and ten.

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