Let's cover an area where the study that people often struggle with … the current moves around the room. Parting with a group and breaking into groups. Finally, I'll cover the bridge process and explain the importance of tracking after meeting new people.

Maybe we've just met people in a business networking or social event, a conference or a seminar and one has seized the opportunity to go to a single person. The problem occurs when you want to remove yourself from this person, but you do not know how to go. Let me give you some practical ideas. If you are both hosts or a function, you do not belong to this person to spend the evening with them. Think of it for a moment, you have the chance that this person moves as much as you do, but you like it, simply do not want to hurt you or cause any inconvenience.

You can do three things:

After you finish your talk, you simply say, "Well, Jo, it was great to meet you, enjoy the rest of the night, please forgive me because I promised to go to Gerry and I will be there talk "

says," I will need another drink, would you like to come? "

The Cowardly Way: "Please forgive me, I have to go to the tub!" and make sure they move away from the person.

Whatever it is, please do it with respect, integrity and courtesy. Good habits are indispensable to operating the room and are good business; bad behavior does not bring you business.

The important thing is to move the room with new or with your friend or without it. Again, remind you that if your conversation is dry, you probably want to turn the room off. You serve them a favor with the use of excellent business networking techniques

The second idea is to park someone with parks or to park them in the bar. It is rare that both of you are in an event where you do not know anyone who has moved to the bar, usually having the desired effect. If you find someone you know, even if a guest hosts an event. Do not just say "Hi Lou this is Jo" and leave it there. You've been talking to Jo for a long time and obviously knowing Lou … so you play the host. Say something like this: "Lou, let me show you that Jo, whom I met tonight, is a fascinating shop that sells sand to Middle East companies and Jo, Lou here and I've been friends for years. Growing exporters are helping for people who are looking for high-risk, high-return opportunities. " These shows are designed to both speak quickly and easily. Who knows what can happen. Could it have created potential opportunities for both? Corporate networking is not just about what you can do, but about what you can do for others. If you help someone, they will remember you if they hear from someone who needs their services. This of course makes it much easier for you to move forward and meet with other people. This practice is what I call a parking lot. Like your car, be careful to walk, look at every angle and do nothing!

So now you parked with Joa Lou, you refreshed your drink. Look around the room and meet each other between people or groups.

"Help … What do I do?"

easy. Operation of the room! Find a group of three people and move to the edge of the circle. As you move toward the group, look at the people's face and decide who seems to be the most hospitable. Face the person on the edge of the group and smile. I can assure you that the next is happening. The person he smiles will smile and turns to one or both of the other people and both will step in to give you a seat. When you do this for the first time, it's not easy. I do not pretend to do it, but it always works. Ask her in a loud voice, "Good evening, please join?" Again I have to tell you, you will not reject it. There is a chance that someone will bring his hand and present himself. They often play a game at the start of a business network seminar, or before eating a meal, asking my newly established friend if I would allow me to use them as a cannabis. I urge them to go up with people they do not know, try and say, and always work. This is simply because every time I write or talk about the case at lectures and seminars, I'm sure I'll give you advice.

If you've successfully joined a group, do not change it and wait for them to ask questions. Remember again that these people come from the same business or know each other for a long time, but do not get the confidence to break away and meet the new people … So you have a great relief for them!

When you are in a group, you will know how much time it takes to move, the instinct will say. I do not need it. So let's go to the top of the article and remember the tips for working in the room.

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