In the last year alone, social networking sites increased by 50-60%. Obviously, social networking sites are now one of the hottest things on the web. Here are the most important social networking sites 3 and how to benefit from them as an online entrepreneur:


MySpace was a number of musician's boot cushions. Musicians can effectively promote their music through MySpace. The advantage of MySpace is that you can customize your profile with HTML so you can make your profile extremely unique. You can expand your MySpace blog and your friends list continuously. Enterprise updates can be made through billboards.


Facebook is another in the social marketing arena, but no less effective. It introduces a function called Wall, where users can send instant messages to each other. You can also attach attachments via this feature, which is not possible on other social networking sites. Like other social web sites, you can upload videos to your profile to make your profile "sticky".


It was the most important social networking site ever since MySpace took over. One of the novelties in Friendster is that you currently have an ad group. She is currently down, but she can be back in the future.

The key to success with social networking sites is to get the most out of the most popular and build your friends list. Build a long-term relationship with your prospects with quality free information.

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