You participated in each network event on the network and it seems to offer the same thing – eating, meeting, greetings and escape. Again bored with the routine of these events, and I'm happy to decide that it's time to start their own network group, which is blowing everyone's socks.

Starting your own networking team requires time and energy. It must not only bring excitement, but also maintain the momentum that people continue to participate.

Here are five things you should remember when you start your own network group to tinker, do not fizzle.

  1. Make sure you create a solid board or volunteer . You can not do this alone, so pick the help of the volunteers who share their vision. I was lucky to have 6 people working with me at the early stages of the association's development. The seven of us became the founding board. They helped me shape the direction of the new network group, not in my personal vacuum, but with a wide range of experiences.
  2. Initiate Association Law Early . This will save many sorrows in the long run. Policies help you guide your group to smoothly walk. It also helps you determine how to conduct elections, how to exchange members and how to manage your group's money.
  3. Plan the events of the year before the group is launched . Nothing annoys new members as launching a new networking group, no other events are scheduled for the rest of the year. Keep the momentum ensuring that you plan to schedule future events. If possible, it should be done at the same time every month. on the third Thursday or on the first Monday. So people can plan ahead.
  4. Determine early that your mission and strategy is the first year . If you want to know why people do this, you can distinguish between 10 repeat visitors or more than 100 people. Understand why you create this new network group with a winning mission by developing a statement and strategies for the coming year.
  5. Understand whether your new group is conflicting with anyone else . People are willing to support network groups that offer something new. Develop an interesting model that other network groups do not use and create repeat visitors to events. While accepting these suggestions may be too much for the new networking group, they will follow the distinction between successful and maintainable networking or that fizzles and dies in weeks after the release week. .

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