Parties, events, excursions – any time, good for networking. It will never collect more people than on holidays, so take advantage of the opportunity to get in touch with those who are interested or with influence. Observing Modes:

Volunteering: There are many opportunities during the holiday season. Find a local organization that wants to organize, deliver, create, or operate people. Your favorite charity or agency, hospitals, driving centers – just look at the upcoming events in the queue or on the newspaper's calendar and who need help. It's easier to talk to people with similar thinking, and people tend to volunteer in a receptive mood because they think it good.

Interest in others: Great networking skills for development. Indeed, you can distinguish between the results obtained. People are flattered when they hear what they are interested in and ask questions about themselves, their work, even their hobbies. Great icebreaker too. If something you mention is particularly interesting, ask if you can talk to them at a later date. (You do not want to monopolize their time.)

Maximum Efforts: Spend some time in a couple or at a party with the idea of ​​having to go with some referrals, information meetings, or suggestions for your job search. Focusing on a person can be less effective and trying to talk to too many people, you may not be getting time to get the best information. If you are organizing an event for someone and we are both job seekers, we'll break up for a while and each one will work "in the room" separately. I agree to meet later. It can be easier to connect to a person at a time.

Tracking: Now that you're in contact, keep it back when you reach that person again. Call the call, send the e-mail, or record them. If you promised to do something, do it. If you have any information, send it. Invite someone you met with coffee or take them to another event where you are going. Keep the momentum.

So, raise your equipment and lift height, and be ready to let people know "what's new with you. Always show your position regardless of how long you've been working."

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